There are an immense amount of sex toys on the market for solo and partnered pleasure. Many of them can be difficult to use, especially when they are geared toward partnered sex, but if you want to add some zing to your bedroom activities, here are 10 sex toys and the positions to use them that you and your partner can pick up and start using with little effort.


This toy is easy to maneuver as it is shaped like a wand. You or your partner can use it to stimulate many areas of your bodies. If you have a female partner, using it while she is in the top position is an excellent way to stimulate her clitoris and help her reach orgasm, says Alicia Sinclair, a certified sex educator. As she straddles you, she can use the Le Wand to stimulate he clitoris while you stimulate many other areas of her body. When inserted in the correct angle, you can also target her g-spot. Beginning your activities with a lap dance is the perfect way to add this tiny, easy to use, wand to your bedroom activities and create some immense anticipation and tension before the sexual relations begin.


Created by B-Vibe, this anal plug is an excellent vibrating plug if you and your partner are interested in exploring the anus. Before inserting this plug, it is best to relax the anus by massing it with your finger. The novice plug is very small and adds pleasant sensations. In addition, both of you can feel it at the same time, so you will enjoy its sensations together.

#3 FIN

Created by Dame Products, Fin should be used as a finger vibe. According to the CEO of the company, it is best to use it when performing the Cowgirl position. This will add a great deal of stimulation to her clitoris and another angle she can use to receive stimulation.

The cowgirl position places you at the bottom and your partner on top. With this position, she can control the speed and depth of the sexual relations and determine the best angle for clitoral stimulation, which is responsible for many women’s orgasms. Lying down you will have less work you to do, get an excellent view of her pleasure, and help her move her hips to get even more stimulation. The tow of you will need to sync your moments to ensure you are enjoying the relations together, which will strengthen your bond.


This toy works like an enhancement to other stimulation you may be performing with your hand. You place the Gluvr on your pointer and thumb finger in order to stimulate yourself or your partner. With vibrations on both ends, you can enhance your administrations to maximize your pleasure and find all of the areas that can make you feel amazing.

Positions that work well with this device include spooning, but Haney, an employee for GLUVR, suggests other positions including doggy style, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl.


This device is excellent when you are targeting your partner’s clitoris, especially when using the CAT position, which positions your body to maintain continuous stimulation of the clitoris, increasing your partner’s chances of orgasm. To really target her clitoris, Rodgers recommend you begin in missionary position and then shift your entire body up and to her left or your right. This top left section o the woman’s clitoris is often more sensitive and responsive to stimulation.


An amazingly smart sex toy, the We-Vibe Sync can be controlled from a distance. Using its app, you can stimulate your partner even with they are not with you. We-Vibe has a long history of creating toys that are broadening the landscape of sex toys. Their products are known to be safe, high-quality, and customers return because of these factors.

#7 TIANI 3

Sleek and discrete like most of LELO’s products, the Tiani 3 provides pleasure for both members of the couple. This can be added to your foreplay or to the sexual relations. Rather than any other bedroom buddy, the Tiani 3 has a programmable memory and can be used without hands. Its fascinating designs and easy use makes is an excellent addition to your bedroom.

#8 FORM 2

Boasting programmable settings, many vibrating modes, and different power levels, Jimmyjane’s Form 2 is a small device that fills a big need. It has a hands-free feature that allows you to use your own hands in so many other places.


Complete with oscillating motors that can stimulate the penis while boasting a vibrating section along the top that can simulate the partner, the Pulse II Duo is excellent for mutual pleasure.


This penis ring is unlike others. It features two separate motors. One to stimulate your perineum and therefore your prostate and another textured bullet to give her amazing clitoral stimulation as she straddles you. Penis rings go around your penis and the underside of your scrotum. They are excellent for boosting erections and supporting your orgasms.

These 10 couples’ sex toys were built with you and your partner’s pleasure at the forefront. All are an affordable price and available on their respective websites. Before using, ensure you are familiar with the cleaning, storage, and usage instructions. When using, do not insert any of these toys in the anus and then into the vagina, as this can lead to bacteria getting into the female.

After using these devices, make sure you cleanse them, so bacteria and viruses do not gather and risk your and your partner’s health. Store them in the proper place so they will last a long time.

Enjoy yourselves and if you are not using sex toys, always wear condoms that are properly placed and in good condition. You and your partner deserve the best and these devices were built to provide the experience you are looking for. Combined with male enhancement supplement Malegenix, you can experience increased stamina and sexual drive while pleasuring your partner.

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