man having problems in the bedroom should start using Malegenix supplement

          Erectile dysfunction is associated with so many risk factors. For some of these, like prostate cancer or spinal cord injuries, there’s not much that you can do to prevent erectile dysfunction from setting in. However, there are many risk factors linked with impotence that you can definitely avoid.

          Unfortunately, we often ignore these impotence-causing risk factors. Either we’re so caught up in the moment that we forget the long-term implications, or we just don’t know how severely it can cause erectile dysfunction later on.


          Many men indulge in a drink or two almost daily, not knowing that this habit can develop into chronic alcoholism later on. Truth be told, alcohol is simply too enjoyable. Sometimes, too, men like having a few drinks just so they can get in the mood for sex.

          The truth is that alcohol is one of the most avoidable causes of erectile dysfunction. Even when it’s just temporary, like when you can’t get it up at all after downing several bottles of beer, the fact is that alcohol is the reason why your penis isn’t functioning as it should.

          What’s even sadder is that not everyone is aware of the fact that chronic alcoholism causes impotence. Alcohol messes up with your body so much that it can destroy your organs. And remember that your penis is an organ, too, and that it’s one of the organs that are most sensitive to damage.

          It’s not that alcohol will cause your penis to deteriorate, but rather the blood vessels and the nerves inside your penis are very small and are thus sensitive to any chemical imbalance or any abnormalities in the body.

          Moreover, the biological processes involved in erections are so complex and requires so many steps, that if anything goes wrong, the effects on your capability to achieve erections will immediately be observable. The brain, for example, plays an important role in making erections happen, and if there’s something affecting the brain, it will also impact your erectile function.

man holding wine and cigarette can address erectile dysfunction with Malegenix supplement          For instance, as your blood alcohol level rises, so will your brain’s ability to properly process sexual stimulation decrease. Remember that alcohol is a depressant, thus it interferes with how the brain processes sexual stimuli. The brain is supposed to signal your nerves to trigger an erection. But excessive alcohol drinking can interfere with this function.

          The good news is that alcohol-induced sexual dysfunction can still be reversed through abstention. This means that if you completely stop drinking alcohol, you will still have a chance to recover your erectile capability. It’s a different story, though, if chronic alcoholism has already begun to cause damage to your organs like your liver, heart, and brain.

Tobacco Consumption

          In some countries, cigarette manufacturers are required to put a visual warning about the dangers of smoking on the cigarette packaging. These warnings often show that smoking can cause various types of cancer. Other warnings talk about how tobacco consumption can cause infertility and erectile dysfunction.

          Nicotine is often associated with various damages to the lungs, but the truth is that the chemicals you inhale when you smoke also cause a lot of damage to your blood vessels. Damaged blood vessels often result in poor arterial blood supply. And when the flow of blood going to your penis is weak, you can expect your erection to be weak as well. If you can achieve one at all.

          Men who smoke heavily can expect their erectile functions to suffer if they don’t quit smoking. The same goes for men who have been smoking for a long time already. Aside from the damage to the blood vessels caused by cigarette chemicals, smoking can also make you really unhealthy by destroying your lungs and your heart.

Excess Belly Fat

          As we grow older, burning calories and losing weight seems to be getting more difficult. Our metabolism is no longer the same as it was during our teenage years when just a few days of intense physical activities can already cause us to lose several pounds.

          This is the problem most middle-aged men face, especially those who lead sedentary lives. Slowing metabolism and not exercising regularly almost always lead to excess belly fat. Carrying those extra pounds around your waist can actually adversely impact your erectile function as well as your overall sexual performance.

obese man looking down into crotch should learn about Malegenix and its benefits          Excess belly fat is often associated with obesity, which is one of the top causes of impotence. Men who are obese generally have lower testosterone levels compared to men who are not overweight. If you don’t have enough testosterone, your libido and erectile functions will surely suffer.

          Moreover, obesity is often linked to various medical conditions that are also risk factors for erectile dysfunction. Cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, as well as hypertension, often accompany obesity. And these medical conditions often result in impaired erectile functions.

          In addition, excess belly fat can hamper your flexibility during sex. If you’re carrying too much weight around your belly, you may not be able to enjoy various sexual positions. Your thrusts would also probably be weak as powerful thrusts would normally require the use of core muscles.

Preventing Erectile Dysfunction

          Preventing impotence from destroying your sex life is not an impossible task. You can start by paying attention to how much and how often you drink. Quitting smoking is also a good idea, and so is going to the gym more often. The first step you need to take is simply to take better care of your health.

          Eating the right types of food is also important in improving your sexual performance. Many studies have shown how certain foods can benefit male fertility, erectile functions, and libido. You can eat more of these healthy foods and cut back on junk and processed foods.

          If you feel that you’re really in need of a boost, you can also start taking male sex enhancement supplements. There are many effective supplements available on the market now, containing natural ingredients that are proven safe and effective.

          Just make sure that you read the label and check the ingredients before you buy the supplement. And don’t forget to talk to your doctor about it, especially if you currently have a medical condition.

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