Green tea is well-known as a weight loss agent and stimulant. But did you know that green tea can also enhance your fecundity? If you drink green tea daily, it can lead to significant improvements in your semen quality.

Due to its strong antioxidant effects, green tea can help increase your sperm count and improve your sperm motility.

Take a look at these 3 impressive ways by which drinking green tea daily can help improve your semen quality.

1. Reduced Testicular Oxidative Stress

The tissues in your testicles are very vulnerable to the actions of reactive oxygen species and free radicals. That’s because the cells in your testicles have a high cell division rate, which is necessary for the production of sperm.

In addition, testicular tissues also have a high oxygen consumption rate, which results in the formation of reactive oxygen species. In addition, there’s usually a high concentration of unsaturated fatty acids in your testicular tissues. These fatty acids are also prone to oxidative stress.

By protecting your testicular tissues from oxidative stress and scavenging free radicals in your testicles, the polyphenol antioxidants of green tea provide protection for the cells that are producing your sperm, thereby ensuring a high sperm count. Green tea antioxidants also help protect your developing sperm cells so that they can mature normally.

2. Increased Sperm Motility

The sperm production process actually leads to the constant formation of reactive oxygen species. This is why you need to have high antioxidant concentrations in your testicles and seminal fluid to counter the damage caused by these reactive oxygen species.

The acrosome and tail of your sperm are particularly prone to the damage caused by free radicals and reactive oxygen species. When a free radical binds to the tail of a sperm cell, the tail may develop abnormally and the sperm cell can lose its motility. When your sperm motility percentage is low, it can greatly reduce your fertility.

The antioxidant content of green tea can help protect your sperm cells so that the free radicals won’t be able to bind with the tail of your sperm cells. By doing so, green tea can help ensure a high percentage of sperm motility.

3. Reduced Lipid Peroxidation and Sperm DNA Damage

Oxidative stress can prevent the normal development and maturation of your sperm cells. In addition, oxidative stress can cause the fragmentation of your sperm’s DNA material. When this happens, the sperm no longer becomes viable, hence reducing your fertility.

When your sperm cells are producing reactive oxygen species or when you have a low antioxidant concentration in your testicles, the reactive oxygen species can penetrate the core of your sperm cells and bind to the DNA material therein. This will cause the DNA material to become fragmented.

According to scientific studies, men who are infertile tend to have 100 times more sperm with DNA damage as compared to fertile men. Oxidative stress leads to infertility not only because it causes sperm DNA fragmentation, but also because of reduced sperm motility and increase sperm death.

The cellular membrane of your sperm is very sensitive to lipid peroxidation caused by free radicals. The cellular membrane is important for the integrity of the sperm cell. But if free radicals bind to the cellular membrane, it can cause lipid peroxidation which destroys the cell membrane. The sperm cell is then exposed to risk and its cellular functions become impaired.

Lipid peroxidation not only affects your sperm cells. Since there’s a high concentration of unsaturated fatty acids in your testicular tissues, those fatty acids are also prone to lipid peroxidation. In fact, lipid peroxidation is considered one of the most common causes of testicular dysfunction.

The polyphenol antioxidants of green tea can help reduce both lipid peroxidation and DNA damage to your sperm. In fact, studies have shown that green tea antioxidants are even more effective in fighting oxidative stress compared to the antioxidant capacity of vitamin C in the seminal fluid.

Other Health Benefits of Green Tea

Aside from providing antioxidant protection for your sperm, green tea has numerous other positive effects on your health. For instance, green tea is known to enhance fat burning. This is actually one of the top reasons why green tea is extremely popular with people who are trying to lose weight.

In addition, green tea, as well as cbd hemp oil, can also help lower your risks of developing certain types of cancer such as prostate cancer, which is the most prevalent type of cancer affecting men. Green tea is also considered beneficial for brain health and can help protect you from Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Green tea can also help reduce your blood sugar levels and increase your sensitivity to insulin, thereby reducing your risks of diabetes. You can also reduce your risks of cardiovascular diseases if you drink green tea regularly.

Green Tea in Combination With Other Herbal Extracts

Although green tea is a potent antioxidant, you can take it in combination with other nutrients and extracts to further increase your sperm motility, semen quantity, and quality. That’s because the normal production, development, and maturation of sperm cells require not only antioxidants but other nutrients as well.

For instance, zinc and folic acid are both important nutrients that play crucial roles in sperm production and maturation. Even if you have a high antioxidant concentration in your testicles, if you are zinc deficient, your sperm motility will still be low since zinc is needed in the formation of the sperm tail.

Aside from zinc and folic acid, you can also take other supplements such as Tribulus terrestris, which is known to help improve sperm count and increase sperm motility. Not only that, Tribulus terrestris is also popular as a libido enhancer and testosterone booster. In fact, in traditional medicine, Tribulus terrestris is used to treat both infertility and impotence.

To reap the sexual health benefits of Tribulus terrestris, you should try taking Malegenix, a male sex enhancement supplement that is formulated using natural ingredients that are recognized as effective treatments for infertility and erectile dysfunction. Aside from Tribulus terrestris, Malegenix also contains maca, tongkat ali, horny goat weed, and damiana.

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