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You may want to add some adventure to your sexual relations. You may have glanced at the Kama Sutra, tried a few positions here and there, but you are ready for some more adventure. Have you thought about experimenting with kink? While you may associate this with pain, it does not have to involve any pain.

Kink just means you are deviating from the sexual norms that have been laid out. You can add props, paddles, feathers, an immense amount of role play, plugs, rough sex, BDSM, or just blindfold yourself of your partner. Kink can be as tame or wild as you want. And, there is a very large community of people who are interested in kink as well. They can help you learn more, practice safely, and have more pleasure with yourself or your partner.

According to sex therapist, Vanessa Marin, it may be best to start your adventurous sex life slowly. Rather than go all the way to breath play, i.e. incorporating choking to receiving sexual stimulation, you can ease into this wild world. Crawl first and then run. When you begin slow, you can learn proper safety techniques, and explore what you and your partner actually enjoy.

Before starting any activities that involve kink, it is best to discuss the idea of this form of sexual activities with your partner. Both of you should be mutually interested in these sexual activities and agree on what you would like to try. To ensure both of you feel comfortable stopping the activities whenever you would like, add a safe word before starting. It is recommended that your safe word be something other than “no” as this is not as clear-cut as you would think once activities heat up. A distinctive word would be better as your safe word as it will only be used for the ceasing or slowing down of kinky activities. Many couples who enjoy kink use “red” or “yellow”, as these are distinctive words. Red means stop immediately and yellow means slow down.

So, now that the foundation has been laid down, here are four sexual positions you can add to increase the kink in your bedroom.


figure of couple on doggy sex position with Malegenix male enhancement supplementMarin suggests that those who are just beginning activities that involve kink try doggy style. While this may be a well-known sexual position, it is excellent to add some animalistic tendencies to your sexual activities. In doggy style, you can pull your partner’s hair, smack their bottom, or pinch their nipples. This allows for a lot of stimulation in different areas which can increase pleasure for both of you.

To perform this position, ask that your partner gets on all fours. While you are standing or kneeling, enter your partner from behind. If your partner would like more roughness, you could pull or grab their hair, stimulate their nipples, or slap their butt. Just be sure you have discussed these additions beforehand and your partner has enthusiastically agreed.


If you and your female partner have tried many penis-in-vagina positions and would like to try something new, you could try the seated wheelbarrow. This position allows you to add anal sex or spanking to your sexual relations. The buttocks, and especially, the anus is filled with sensitive nerves that are easily stimulated. Whether you use your finger, a toy, or your penis to penetrate your partner, the two of you may enjoy this position a great deal.

To perform this position, sit in a chair, on the couch, or on the edge of your bed. Ask your partner to sit on your lap, facing away from you, with the tops of their thighs resting on your thighs. To support themselves, they should wrap their legs around your body and place their hands, palm-down, on the floor. If you have agreed on anal sex, you can perform that with this position. To begin, penetrate your partner’s anus with a finger that is well-lubricated and then enter them from behind. If you pull your finger out when your partner is close to orgasm, this can provide a lot of pleasure.

When both of you are comfortable, you may want to add anal plugs and anal beads. But, it is best to go slow and begin with your fingers, says Marin.


This position, as the name implies, puts your partner in the saddle. In this position, she controls the pacing, angle, and any other aspects of the sexual relations. To heighten her pleasure more, ask that she put on a blindfold. Great items for this enhancement are a silk scarf, head wrap, or your tie.

She could explore your body, from your nipples to your abs to your testicles. Each of these areas may provide a lot of different sensations.

#4 69

couple getting intimate in bed after trying Malegenix male enhancement supplementA very popular sexual position, the 69, allows you and your partner to perform simultaneous oral sex on one another. Studies show that when looking at heterosexual couples, men enjoy giving oral sex more than women. This contrasts with the fact that twice as many women perform oral sex on their male partner, while half of men did the same. So, adding the 69 to your bedroom activities is a great way to show your partner that you are an equal partner in your sexual relationship.

To boost your pleasure your female partner can add a internal vibrator and you can try an anal plug or penis ring that vibrates.

To perform this position, both of you align your heads with each other’s genitalia as you lie on your sides. In this position, you can rest, have more movement to please each other, and enjoy all of the excitement that emanates from your partner’s genitalia.

To increase the duration of kinky activities, you could add Malegenix to your daily pursuits. This all-natural male enhancement supplement is packed full of potent herbs that have boosted satisfaction, erection strength, mood, and penis size for many men. Some of these herbs have thousands of years of experience and could help you and your partner explore each other longer than you can imagine.

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