Among the many known causes of male infertility, alcohol is one of the most studied. In scientific circles, the debate is still ongoing about how much alcohol intake can result in a significant reduction in male fertility. But there’s no question that alcohol does have detrimental effects on your ability to father children.

What’s even worse is that alcohol and other lifestyle factors of infertility have an additive effect. This means that if you drink alcohol, smoke, eat unhealthy foods, and live a stressful life, all of these factors can cumulatively cause you to lose your fertility.

Find out below how alcohol can destroy your reproductive health.

1. Spermatogenic Arrest

Spermatogenic arrest means there’s an interruption in the normal production and development of the cells which are supposed to mature into viable sperm. Sperm production is a complex process consisting of several stages.

If the developing sperm stop maturing, you could end up with absolutely no viable sperm in your ejaculate. That’s a condition scientifically referred to as complete azoospermia. If you have it, you won’t be able to father children through natural sexual means because you don’t have any live sperm coming out of your penis at all.

Studies have shown that heavy drinkers typically develop spermatogenic arrest, which often leads to azoospermia and infertility. The good news is that alcohol withdrawal usually helps in restoring normal sperm production.

2. Poor Sperm Parameters

Several studies have been conducted to test the effects of alcohol intake on sperm quality and count. It’s been shown that alcohol intake can lead to lower semen volume. Alcohol intake can also negatively affect sperm morphology and the normal development of your sperm’s anatomical structure and functions.

In fact, in one of the early studies about alcohol and sperm morphology, it was shown that when sperm is exposed to alcohol, it can cause damaging effects on both motility and morphology.

According to the study, the higher the alcohol concentration the sperm is exposed to, the greater the reduction in the number of sperm with normal morphology. In addition, exposure to high concentrations of alcohol also led to an increase in irreversible tail defects. When a sperm’s tail has defects, the sperm loses its ability to be motile.

3. Increased Oxidative Stress

Chronic alcohol intake can lead to the impairment of your testicular steroidogenic functions as well as decreased antioxidant enzyme activities. This can then lead to lower testosterone production and significantly compromise your fertility. That’s because when you have low antioxidant levels in your testicles, it can result in increased oxidative stress.

When your testicular tissues are exposed to oxidative stress, it can cause testicular damage. The free radicals that cause oxidative stress can bind with your testicular cells. When this happens, the damaged cells can no longer function properly, meaning they can’t produce testosterone or sperm anymore, or the cells can even die.

High levels of oxidative stress in your testicles can lead to teratospermia, a condition characterized by high numbers of spermatozoa with abnormal morphology. This means that many of your sperm have either abnormal heads or tails. The head may be too large or misshapen, or the tails may become crooked, or the sperm may grow double tails.

On top of teratospermia, chronic intake of high volumes of alcohol can also lead to oligospermia. This means that there’s only a small number of sperm in your semen. When teratospermia and oligospermia occur together, your chances of being able to impregnate your partner significantly drops.

4. Impaired Hormonal Production

Alcohol intake not only damages the quality and volume of your semen, it can also lead to impaired production of hormones that are important for your normal sexual functioning. Research has shown that alcohol consumption can interfere with your body’s production of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH), and testosterone.

These three hormones are very important for the proper functioning of your reproductive organs, especially your testicles. These hormones play crucial roles in the production of sperm, and if your body is not producing sufficient amounts of FSH, LH, and testosterone, it can lead to a low sperm count.

FSH is required for spermatogenesis to begin because it’s the hormone that stimulates your spermatocytes to undergo cell division in order to form secondary spermatocytes. These secondary spermatocytes are the ones that eventually develop into mature spermatozoa. This means that if your FSH levels are low, you won’t be producing sperm efficiently.

Acting in synergy with your follicle stimulating hormone, your luteinizing hormone is necessary for stimulating the Leydig cells in your testicles to start producing testosterone. Hence, if your LH levels are low, your testosterone levels will also drop. And you can just imagine what will happen if your testosterone levels are below normal.

First off, you’ll lose your libido, since testosterone is responsible for regulating your sexual desire. Your body will also start showing several physical symptoms of low testosterone, such as decreased bodily and facial hair, and reduced muscle mass. Having low testosterone levels can also lead to impaired erectile function resulting in erectile dysfunction.

Increasing Your Testosterone Levels Naturally

If you’re struggling with low testosterone levels, one way you can address the problem is by taking supplements that naturally promote testosterone production. Malegenix is one of the best supplements that’s popular for its testosterone-boosting effects.

That’s because Malegenix is formulated using amazing ingredients like Tribulus terrestris and tongkat ali. These are two of the most well-researched herbal remedies for treating low testosterone levels. However, getting a testosterone boost isn’t the only benefit you gain when you take Malegenix.

Malegenix is actually known as an extremely potent supplement that can help with erection problems. That’s because on top of Tribulus terrestris and tongkat ali, Malegenix also contains horny goat weed, a traditional Chinese medicine treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Horny goat weed contains a phytonutrient called icariin. This compound actually works the same way that erectile dysfunction drugs like sildenafil do. Horny goat weed makes it possible for more blood to flow into your penis so that you can easily get an erection when you need one.

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  1. Found another reason to stay sober. I don’t think there is really any benefit in drinking alcohol, so as to why do we humans keep consuming it is beyond me.

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