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If you’ve ever seen pictures of couples doing a yoga pose, your initial reaction would probably be awe at their athletic abilities. However, couples yoga has benefits that extend beyond simple physical fitness. Couples yoga can also strengthen your bond with your partner.

When you have to breathe in sync with each other while doing couple yoga poses, it’s inevitable that your sensitivity to each other will become heightened. And this will lead to increased intimacy, making your relationship stronger. Continue reading to find out how yoga can help strengthen your relationship.

1. Couples Yoga Can Increase Your Intimacy

Although couples yoga is not sexual in nature, it can help improve the level of intimacy in your relationship. That’s because when you do couples yoga poses, you both have to breathe and move in synchronization with each other. Doing the postures and movements together can help increase your connection with each other.

Since couples yoga requires for you to be physically in contact with each other while doing the poses, this increased physical contact can also help increase your intimacy. In addition, since you’ll be relying on each other for most of the poses, it will also increase your trust for each other.

Over time, resentment and distance can develop within a relationship. When partners feel distant or disconnected from each other, it can foster conflict within the relationship. Couples yoga can help couples reconnect with each other through increased physical contact, improved communication, and increased intimacy.

2. Couples Yoga Is A Powerful Stress Reliever

couple doing yoga together and talked about Malegenix male enhancement supplementOne of the many known benefits of yoga is that it can help relieve stress and reduce your anxiety levels. This is also one of the reasons why many individuals practice yoga. For couples who are practicing yoga together, however, there’s a special bonus.

When you’re stressed, holding hands with your partner can bring about immediate relief. Actually, any physical contact with another human being can give you immediate relief from stress because it triggers a neural response that reduces stress. But the effects are stronger if you’re doing it with your partner instead of holding hands with a stranger.

3. Couples Yoga Can Raise Your Relationship Satisfaction

It’s all about doing something together, as a couple. True, some yoga poses can be very challenging. But the fact that you’re doing it with your partner can make you both feel more satisfied with each other and your relationship.

And if you’re able to pull off an extremely challenging couple yoga pose, you’ll both feel a sense of accomplishment that can bring you closer together. In addition, when you try challenging new activities, it can enrich the quality of your relationship.

Couples yoga can give you an opportunity to spend quality time with each other. And learning new skills together can also heighten your sense of companionship. And it can even help revive your relationship.

4. Couples Yoga Can Help Improve Your Communication

The poses practiced in couples yoga require you and your partner to communicate with each other openly. In many of the poses, you have to literally lean on each other. If you don’t communicate well, you may both end up getting hurt while doing the poses.

But if you do well, it can lead to increased trust with each other. And it’s not just about trusting your partner to have your back. It’s also about providing support for each other and being reliable about it.

In addition, yoga helps convey the power of physical touch. When you’re doing a pose that makes you vulnerable, knowing that your partner is physically supporting you not only makes you feel cared for or valued, it also makes you feel safe. Couples yoga can also help you become more attuned to each other.

2 Simple Couples Yoga Poses

Hand-holding Seated Twist.

This is an easy pose for couples who are just starting to practice couples yoga. To do this pose, you should both sit cross-legged facing each other. As you inhale, stretch your spine up and lengthen it away from your tailbone. Upon exhaling, twist toward your right.

As you twist, stretch your right arm behind you and your left hand forward. As your partner stretches her left arm, take hold of her left hand with your right hand. Your partner should also hold your left hand with her right hand. Gently pull on each other’s hands to deepen the twist.

meditating couple has heard about benefits of Malegenix male enhancement supplementBack-to-back Breathing.

This time around, sit cross-legged with your backs resting against each other. This is a simple exercise, but one that requires for both of you to be deeply aware of each other’s breathing.

All you need to do is to alternate breathing. As your partner inhales, you should exhale. As you inhale, your partner should exhale, and so on. Try to do three sets of 10 repetitions per set. This should help you both relax and feel more connected with each other.

Enhancing Your Sexual Prowess

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  1. Quit giving my wife a reason to drag me to yoga class! LoL! But on the upside, I can spend this intimate moments with her and get points for joining her, this can actually work to my advantage. Bring on the supplements!

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