tongkat ali branch and leaves has aphrodisiac properties and can be found in Malegenix male enhancement supplement

For men who are already feeling the detrimental effects of aging on their sexual health, Tongkat Ali has several benefits to offer. Known as Pasak Bumi in Southeast Asia, Eurycoma longifolia or Tongkat Ali has centuries of history as a tonic for male sexual problems.

Tongkat Ali, however, isn’t just a supplement for enhancing your sexual virility. It’s also great for improving your fertility and boosting your stamina. Furthermore, Tongkat Ali can also help you handle stress better.

Take a look at these 5 impressive positive effects of Tongkat Ali on men’s sexual health.

1. Aphrodisiac

Because it’s extremely potent in increasing sexual desire, Tongkat Ali is considered an outstanding aphrodisiac. In fact, this is one of the main traditional uses of Tongkat Ali. Even before this amazing herb became popular as an energy drink ingredient, Tongkat Ali has already been used in traditional Asian medicine as a treatment for diminished sexual desire.

The pro-sexual effects of Tongkat Ali have long been validated through numerous scientific studies. Among the many herbs that have been reported to exhibit aphrodisiac properties, Tongkat Ali is considered one of the more reliable herbal aphrodisiacs. Studies have consistently shown that Tongkat Ali does improve the libido.

2. Pro-Erectile Properties

man who takes Malegenix male enhancement supplement getting intimate with his girlAside from boosting your libido, Tongkat Ali can also help improve your capability to achieve penile tumescence. That’s because Tongkat Ali has pro-erectile properties that can help you maintain longer-lasting erections.

The way Tongkat Ali works in enabling you to achieve erections is quite different from other herbal medicines that are also popular as erection boosters. Most pro-erectile herbal plants work by either improving nitric oxide production. Tongkat Ali, on the other hand, acts via a different pathway.

Instead of promoting nitric oxide synthesis to increase penile blood flow, Tongkat Ali helps your corpus cavernosa smooth muscles relax by inhibiting penile contraction. Your corpus cavernosa smooth muscles are usually contracted when you’re not sexually excited. But when you’re sexually stimulated, they relax so that blood can flow in.

Because Tongkat Ali inhibits the contraction of your corpus cavernosa smooth muscles, Tongkat Ali helps keep your penis erect for a significant period of time. Studies have also shown that Tongkat Ali can help improve your erection hardness.

3. Fertility-Enhancing Properties

Tongkat Ali has been shown to directly affect the testicles by promoting testosterone synthesis. This is one of the reasons why Tongkat Ali is so effective in improving erectile function and enhancing male fertility.

Tongkat Ali contains quassinoids which have been found to have several therapeutic effects. One of the benefits of eurycomanone, which is the main bioactive quassinoid constituent of Tongkat Ali, is that it promotes testosterone production by the testicular Leydig cells and suppresses the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.

Because of Tongkat Ali’s positive effects on testicular cells, Tongkat Ali is often recommended for testosterone-deficient men with idiopathic or unexplained infertility. In fact, studies have shown that Tongkat Ali can also help enhance sperm production and increase sperm count and seminal volume.

Men with low sperm motility rates may benefit from the pro-fertility effects of Tongkat Ali since this herb can also help improve sperm motility. Supplementation with Tongkat Ali can also lead to increased sperm vitality and viability.

4. Increases Muscle Strength and Stamina

One of the problems when you get older is that your muscle strength decreases. Declining testosterone levels can also contribute to reduced muscle strength since testosterone is necessary for maintaining normal muscle mass and strength.

Since Tongkat Ali increases your testosterone levels, it also leads to an increase in your muscle strength. In fact, in a study involving physically active elderly people, treatment with Tongkat Ali for five weeks resulted in great improvements in the participants’ muscle strength. Moreover, their total and free testosterone levels were also significantly increased.

Many elderly people find it challenging to engage in sexual activity because their stamina and strength are no longer the same as when they were in their prime. It’s typical for aging men to lose their muscle mass and strength, mainly because as your testosterone levels decrease, your muscle mass gradually gets reduced.

When you engage in sexual intercourse, you need both stamina and strength in order for you to deliver a stellar performance in bed. Tongkat Ali can help you if you’re having problems with reduced stamina. If you’re taking Tongkat Ali supplements, you’ll gain the energy and strength you need for intense sexual activities.

In addition, when you’re feeling exhausted from the rigors of sex, Tongkat Ali can also help you recover faster. Tongkat Ali has also been shown to effectively reduce symptoms of fatigue.

5. Anxiolytic Effects

One of the reasons why many men develop sexual dysfunction is because they’re suffering from anxiety and too much stress. When you’re feeling extremely stressed, you won’t be in tiptop condition for engaging in sex. You probably won’t even be interested in sex at all.

The same holds true if you’re feeling anxious. In fact, anxiety has been tied to various sexual problems such as diminished libido and erectile dysfunction. Fortunately, Tongkat Ali can help not only in restoring your libido or enhancing your sexual function, but it can also improve your body’s defense against stress and anxiety.

Tongkat Ali has been proven to have effective anxiolytic effects. By reducing your anxiety, Tongkat Ali can help you overcome anxiety-induced sexual problems. And when you’re no longer feeling stressed or anxious, you can get back to enjoying the pleasures of sex.

Tongkat Ali Supplements

tongkat ali is a natural ingredient that can be found in Malegenix male enhancement supplementThere are numerous Tongkat Ali supplements available at present. However, if you want to take Tongkat Ali for your sexual health, you should take Malegenix. An incredibly popular male sex enhancement supplement, Malegenix contains not just Tongkat Ali but also other amazing herbal ingredients.

Malegenix is formulated using maca, muira puama, Tribulus terrestris, damiana, and horny goat weed. These herbs are all known to increase sexual desire as well as to enhance men’s ability to achieve firm erections.

Maca and Tribulus terrestris are among the most studied herbal medicines for erectile dysfunction, and they have been consistently shown to have strong pro-erectile effects. Horny goat weed has also been scientifically validated to have benefit men with erectile dysfunction.

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