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As many as fifteen percent of couples worldwide are having difficulties in conceiving. If you’re also concerned about your fertility, there are many steps you can take to improve your fertility aside from going to a fertility clinic.

When it comes to fertility, nutrition and lifestyle both play very important roles. You may be eating healthful foods and taking all the right supplements, but if your lifestyle is quite unhealthy, your fertility will still be adversely affected. Continue reading to find out what you can do to enhance your fertility.

1. Take Supplements And Eat Antioxidant-Rich Foods

Sperm cells are very sensitive to damage caused by free radicals. This is why the seminal fluid that your body produces actually contains antioxidants to help protect your sperm cells.

Sperm cells actually take two to three months to fully mature. As your sperm develops inside your testicles, they are constantly being attacked by free radicals. When these free radicals successfully bind to the compounds that make up your sperm cells, it can cause the DNA that your sperm carries to become fragmented.

Sperm cells with fragmented DNA are not viable. So if you have a lot of these damaged sperm cells, the number of your viable sperm cells will be greatly reduced.

Aside from damaging the DNA content of sperm cells, free radicals can also cause sperm cells to develop abnormally. Your sperm is supposed to have a round head and a tail. However, free radical damage can cause your sperm cells to develop two tails or elongated heads instead.

This means that your sperm morphology rate will be poor. Even if your sperm count is normal, but many of your sperm cells have deformed morphology, your chances of successful fertilization will still be low.

antioxidant rich food is good while taking Malegenix pillsTo prevent sperm DNA fragmentation and poor sperm morphology, you should eat foods that are rich in antioxidants that help protect your sperm cells. These antioxidants include vitamins A, C, and E, as well as zinc and folate. You can take supplements that contain these vitamins and minerals, or you can get them from various dietary sources.

For instance, citrus fruits can give you a lot of vitamin C. You can get vitamin A from vegetables like carrots. If you’re looking for great dietary sources of vitamin E and folate, you can include healthy nuts like walnuts in your diet. If it’s zinc that you need, you should increase your intake of legumes, shellfish, nuts, and seeds.

2. Avoid Carbs And Trans-Fats

For both men and women, infertility is strongly linked with a high intake of foods rich in trans-fats. This means that if you want to protect your fertility, you should avoid processed food products and fried foods. You may think of baked goodies as delectable treats. However, you should avoid eating too many baked goods since these are also high in trans fats.

In addition, foods that contain a lot of trans-fats can interfere with your insulin sensitivity. If you keep on eating trans fats-rich foods, it can eventually lead to diabetes and obesity. Both medical conditions not only affect your fertility, these also cause erectile dysfunction.

If you cut down on your carbs intake, you may be able to see improvements in terms of your weight, insulin sensitivity, and hormonal balance. These all contribute to improved fertility.

3. Don’t Be Sedentary

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should visit your gym thrice a week or take daily walks, although that would help a lot in improving your fertility. Not being sedentary simply means that you keep yourself physically active. Whether that entails keeping busy with household chores or not staying seated at your desk in the office all the time, that’s up to you.

When you’re physically active, especially when you exercise or work out regularly, you gain a lot of health benefits. You don’t just keep your muscles toned or your cardiovascular system healthy. Exercising can also improve your erectile functions and improve your fertility.

couple having a morning jog together and happy with MalegenixIt can be as simple or low-intensity as walking for a total of thirty minutes every day. When you’re at the office, try taking the stairs instead of riding the elevator. Even mowing the lawn or cleaning your living room with a vacuum will count as physical exercise, especially if you do it regularly.

These physical activities can help improve your blood circulation, which means that your reproductive organs get their fair share of blood flow. And when it comes to erections, you know that sufficient blood flow is very important.

4. Relax

You should learn how to relax if you don’t want your fertility to suffer. Stress actually negatively impacts your fertility. Your hormones go haywire when you’re stressed and that can lead to a hormonal imbalance. When your hormone levels, especially your testosterone levels, aren’t right, your sperm production will be negatively impacted.

In addition, stress can also take a toll on your sexual functions. Stress and anxiety are both widely recognized as libido destroyers. Not just that, when you’re extremely stressed, it can also cause problems with your erections. In fact, stress is known to cause erectile and ejaculatory dysfunctions.

Aside from impotence, men who are under a lot of stress can experience premature or delayed ejaculation. Some can’t even ejaculate at all, despite sufficient sexual stimulation. By the way, exercise is a great stress reliever.

5. Cut Down On Your Vices

If you smoke and drink, you should think about cutting down on your tobacco and alcohol consumption. These two vices can destroy your sex life and make you infertile. Numerous scientific studies have established the relationship between fertility and smoking. The same goes for drinking alcohol excessively.

Chronic alcoholism can destroy your internal organs, especially your liver. Chronic liver diseases, in turn, can negatively impact your sperm production and erectile function. In addition, if your liver is damaged, your testosterone levels will also drop.

In fact, men who have cirrhosis often have extremely low testosterone levels. And as their liver disease progresses, their testosterone levels also continue to decline. If your testosterone levels are extremely low, your libido and your sperm production will both suffer.

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