Can you imagine suddenly discovering that your penis has become shorter? For men, having a longer-than-average penis length is a source of pride. In contrast, having a smaller-than-average penis is often a cause of negative self-image and sexual performance anxiety.

But whether you’re satisfied with your penis size or not, you’re bound to feel disappointed if you find that your penis is not as long or as big as it used to be. Yes, the penis can and does shrink. Continue reading to find out how this can happen and what you can do to prevent your sex organ from shrinking.

#1 Age

Penis shrinkage becomes more prevalent and obvious as men grow older. Penis shrinkage occurs when your penis girth or length decreases. Various factors can lead to penis shrinkage, which can either be temporary or permanent. Aging is one of the factors that can cause your penis to shrink permanently.

Age-related penis shrinkage happens gradually. As you age, your arteries get clogged with fatty deposits which are sometimes referred to as plaque. This plaque is composed not only of cholesterol but also of other compounds that are normally found in the blood, such as calcium and fat.

Once plaque starts accumulating inside your blood vessels, it will lead to a medical condition called atherosclerosis. This means that your arteries will become narrower and hardened.

The arteries are responsible for transporting oxygen-rich blood to your body parts. Once your arteries are hardened and constricted, they won’t be able to carry as much oxygen-rich blood to your cells and tissues.

Eventually, this will cause a reduction in the blood being transported into your bodily organs, such as your penis. Because the muscle cells inside the tubes that make your penis erect no longer receive as much oxygen-rich blood as they used to, the muscle cells become weaker.

When this happens, your erections become less firm or your erect penis will become smaller in size. Or your penis just won’t become erect anymore. In short, when your arteries are no longer delivering sufficient blood supply to your penis, it can cause your sex organ to eventually shrink.

#2 Significant Weight Gain Around The Stomach

You may have heard other men saying that they noticed their penis became smaller when they grew fat, or you may have experienced this yourself. If you gain a lot of weight, especially around your stomach, you can expect your penis to look shorter or smaller.

Weight gain around the belly does not exactly cause your penis to shrink in the same way as aging does. Instead, what happens is that when your belly expands, your penis, which is actually attached to your abdominal wall, becomes pulled inward.

This means that structurally, your penis is still the same and it’s still all there. It’s just that a significant portion of your penis is now hidden inside your abdominal area. But if you start losing weight, especially if you shed a lot of belly fat, your penis will go back to how it used to be.

#3 Radical Prostatectomy

Prostatectomy or prostate surgery is a procedure wherein a portion or all of the prostate is removed. Complete removal of the prostate gland, referred to as radical prostatectomy, is often conducted to treat prostate cancer.

Unfortunately, studies show that almost three out four men who undergo radical prostatectomy end up suffering from penis shrinkage. You may actually lose up to three-quarters of an inch or approximately two centimeters of your penis length right after prostatectomy.

One explanation for this is that a part of your urethra moves up into your body right after the surgery. Fortunately, it will gradually move back down after a while. Penis length may be recovered a year after prostatectomy.

For those who are concerned about their penis shrinking after prostate surgery, you can consult your doctor about post-surgery penile rehabilitation. Your doctor may also prescribe erectile dysfunction medications to help you recover your erectile function.

#4 Peyronie’s Disease

When fibrous scar tissue form and build up inside your penis, it can lead to a condition called Peyronie’s disease. This scar tissue build-up can cause your penis to become curved when erect. Peyronie’s disease, especially in severe cases, can cause painful erections.

Although the development of Peyronie’s disease is also associated with age, there are cases when young men in their 30s or 40s also suffer from this condition. Peyronie’s disease can actually cause a reduction in both your penis length and circumference.

If the scar tissue inside your penis continues to grow, and the penile curvature worsens, it can make sexual intercourse painful and uncomfortable. In this case, surgery for the removal of the scar tissue may be an option.

If you have experienced injuries to the penis due to sports or rough and forceful sex, it may cause scarring inside your penis. Over the years, as the scar tissue accumulates, it can damage your penile erectile tissues. This can also lead to penis shrinkage and can lead to smaller or shorter erect penis size.

#5 Tobacco Consumption

Along with the various deleterious effects of smoking on your health, it can also cause damage to the blood vessels located in your penis. These blood vessels are very tiny and are actually very sensitive to anything that might cause them damage, like high blood sugar levels, high bad cholesterol levels, and the chemicals you get from smoking cigarettes.

Once your penile blood vessels are damaged, their flexibility will also be impaired. This means that the blood vessels in your penis will no longer be flexible enough to fully stretch and expand. Hence, when you feel like having an erection, your penis won’t be as rigid as you hoped it would be because there’s not enough blood flow to make it erect and fully stretched.

The inhibited blood flow to your penis can prevent your sex organ from being able to stretch as much as it did in the past. This can lead to a reduction in your penis length. Aside from causing penis shrinkage, smoking can also cause you to lose your ability to achieve erections.

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