It’s no wonder why zinc has gained a lot of attention in recent years. This all-important metal is crucial for proper reproductive and sexual functioning for men, whether young or old, fertile or infertile.

There are many reasons why zinc is crucial for men. It’s not only necessary for proper immune functioning, it’s also important for healthy cell growth. Zinc also plays an important role in preserving your prostate health.

Here are 5 more reasons why you shouldn’t forget taking your daily zinc supplement.

1. Sperm Functions

Scientific evidence indicates that zinc is crucial for the proper physiologic functions of your sperm. This means that if you’re deficient in zinc, your sperm won’t be able to do its job properly. If you get to produce viable sperm at all.

Zinc deficiency is known to cause low seminal quality and greatly reduced chances of fertilization. That’s because zinc is required for efficient sperm production. In addition, it’s also necessary for the stability of your sperm’s cellular membrane and DNA material.

When you produce sperm, zinc participates even in the early stages of spermatogenesis. Before your spermatids become fully mature, they have to grow their tails first.

Zinc is actually important in the formation of your sperm’s tail, which is why zinc is found in high concentrations in the tail portion of mature spermatozoa. This is one of the reasons why men who are deficient in zinc often exhibit poor sperm motility. In addition, zinc also plays a role in keeping the sperm tail attached to the head.

In your seminal plasma, zinc not only helps promote sperm motility. It also helps to increase sperm concentration and provides antioxidant protection for your sperm, thereby increasing your sperm viability.

2. Sperm Quality

For men with oligozoospermia or asthenozoospermia, zinc supplementation is extremely beneficial. Oligozoospermia means your sperm count is way below what is considered normal, which is 15 million sperm per milliliter of ejaculate.

Asthenozoospermia, on the one hand, means the percentage of your motile sperm is very low. If you have complete asthenozoospermia, it means that none of your sperm cells are able to swim forward at all.

Even if you have a high sperm count, if you have asthenozoospermia, your chances of fertilizing your partner are still extremely low. That’s because your sperm cells need to swim toward your partner’s egg in order for fertilization to happen. If your sperm cells are immotile, they won’t be able to reach the egg cell so fertilization won’t happen.

Fortunately, taking zinc supplements can help address this problem. Zinc therapy can help improve the quality of your sperm by increasing your sperm density as well as your progressive sperm motility rates. This then leads to better conception and pregnancy outcomes.

3. Zinc In Your Testes

During sperm production, the concentration of zinc in your testes increases. That’s because the mineral is needed for the cellular division of your germ cells, which are the cells that eventually develop into mature sperm.

Zinc is also necessary for the normal development and maturation of your sperm. This is also one of the reasons why men who are deficient in zinc have high percentages of abnormal sperm.

Aside from its crucial role in spermatogenesis, zinc also provides protection for your developing sperm cells in your testes. Zinc has been reported to alleviate testicular injuries caused by heat, fluoride, and exposure to heavy metals.

4. Zinc And Your Hormones

Men who are deficient in zinc often suffer from low testosterone production by the Leydig cells in the testicles. Your Leydig cells also become prone to oxidative stress damage when you’re low on zinc. Zinc deficiency is also linked to testicular failure. When your zinc levels are low, your luteinizing hormone receptors also don’t function well.

Testosterone isn’t the only hormone that is negatively affected when your zinc levels are low. Your thyroid gland also produces important hormones that also impact your sex hormone levels. Zinc helps make sure that your thyroid is doing a proper job of producing these hormones.

5. Zinc And Your Prostate

Zinc is considered an indicator of how well your prostate gland is functioning. Your prostate is supposed to secrete zinc into your seminal fluid. If your prostate isn’t well, your zinc seminal levels also drop. This can then affect your sperm motility.

For infertile men with chronic prostatitis, zinc supplementation has been shown to help increase the concentration of zinc in the seminal fluid and improve sperm motility. There’s also scientific evidence that zinc may be helpful in treating prostate cancer and BPH or enlarged prostate.

Supplements That Improve Semen Parameters

Aside from zinc, numerous vitamins, minerals, and other supplements can also help improve your reproductive as well as sexual health. For instance, vitamins C and E help protect your sperm from oxidative damage. Selenium, just like zinc, is also important for testosterone synthesis and normal sperm formation.

There are also various herbal remedies that are often recommended for boosting male reproductive and sexual functions. Tribulus terrestris, for example, is one of the most well-researched natural remedies for enhancing libido, improving erectile function, as well as for increasing male fertility.

Taking Tribulus terrestris supplements can help men who have abnormal semen evaluation. Tribulus terrestris can help reduce your body fat percentage while increasing your lean mass. Tribulus terrestris can also help increase your sperm concentration and sperm motility.

The reason why Tribulus terrestris is so effective for improved reproductive health is that it contains protodioscin, a phytochemical that acts on your testicular cells. This compound can help stimulate your libido and increase your erectile function.

One way for you to reap the amazing sexual benefits of Tribulus terristris is by taking Malegenix, a leading male sex enhancement supplement. Malegenix contains various potent ingredients that are known to increase libido, improve sexual stamina, and treat erectile dysfunction.

Aside from Tribulus terrestris, Malegenix also contains tongkat ali, horny goat weed, and maca. Because of these amazing ingredients, Malegenix is extremely effective in boosting testosterone levels, enhancing male fertility, and increasing sexual prowess.

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  1. Would you recommend taking zinc supplement along with sex enhancement supplement like Malegenix, or is it better to have my zinc intake from food in this setup?

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