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We’ve all experienced wanting to have sex but not having the energy to do so. Usually, it’s because we’re too exhausted from working too much. For married couples, it could be because taking care of the kids drains too much of their energy that at night they just flop down on the bed and start snoring immediately.

The difference with having a low libido and low energy for sex is that with the former, you don’t even have the desire to have sex at all. And low libido is usually a common side effect of aging. Low sexual energy, on the other hand, can affect you at any age, and it can happen even when you truly want to have sex. Take a look at these common sexual energy drainers.

1. Erectile Dysfunction

For men with erectile dysfunction, not being able to get it up and have sex can be a huge blow to their sense of manliness and self-esteem. They may see their condition as embarrassing, and it may cause them to worry about being judged by their partner or their friends if they admit that they can no longer perform sexually.

Erectile dysfunction does cause a lot of psychological burdens. And it can also lead to low sexual energy. It can make you lose your motivation for sex, and in some instances, it can even lead to an aversion to sex.

Even though there’s a lot of scientific literature about erectile dysfunction, its causes, and treatments available, it doesn’t mean that it’s automatically easy for men who suffer from the condition to talk about it. Their worries about their fading sexual capabilities can also cause stress, anxiety, and even depression, which can further worsen the problem.

2. Low Hormones

male figure with off switch on crotch show sexual dysfunction that can be prevented with Malegenix male enhancement supplementWhen you lack sexual energy, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you already have erectile dysfunction or that there’s something physically wrong with your penis. Low sexual energy may also be caused by hypogonadism, a condition that causes extremely low testosterone levels.

The thing about hypogonadism is that it doesn’t just cause decreased testosterone production, it also causes fatigue as a side effect. Since low testosterone means low libido, if you couple that with chronic fatigue, then there’s a good chance that your sex life will simply fade away into nothingness.

Another problem with hypogonadism is that it can also lead to various other health issues, simply because testosterone is important in many bodily processes and functions. For instance, you can start gaining weight or become obese, or you may lose muscle mass and become physically weak.

3. Insufficient Sleep

We all know that not getting enough sleep can zap our energy quickly. If you didn’t sleep well the night before, you would probably wake up groggy, easily confused, unable to concentrate, sleepy, sluggish, and so on.

But if it’s a chronic thing such as when you only sleep a few hours for weeks or even months, it can lead to various serious health conditions. Not to mention the fact that it will also drain your libido and sexual energy.

Insufficient sleep can make you vulnerable to stress, anxiety, and depression. It can make you feel constantly tired, even fatigued. And if you’re too exhausted, the only thing that you may want to do is to just get a good sleep. You may not even care about sex at all, simply because you no longer have the energy for it.

Experts have established the link between sleep apnea and erectile dysfunction. Insomnia can also cause sexual dysfunction. This simply highlights how important it is to get enough high-quality sleep in order to maintain normal sexual function.

4. Sedentary Lifestyle

Not having enough sexual energy may also be caused by a sedentary lifestyle. Even if you’re feeling exhausted, you still need to get moving to raise your energy levels back up. In fact, for people with chronic fatigue syndrome, regular exercise is even recommended as a form of treatment.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is often accompanied by sleep problems, a feeling of exhaustion that just won’t go away, headaches, short-term memory problems, and poor concentration. As you can imagine, if you’re suffering from all these symptoms, you’ll probably feel distressed and frustrated about it.

Exercise is used as part of the treatment for people with chronic fatigue syndrome because it helps them to gradually start engaging in physical activities again. In addition, exercise is also proven to reduce fatigue and increase energy. Even better, regular exercise can also boost your sexual energy and even improve your erectile function.

5. Relationship Issues

If you and your partner are already emotionally distant from each other, or you’re no longer in sync with each other, it could also cause low sexual energy. If there’s a disparity in your sexual desire or your preferred frequency for having sex, that’s another thing that can drain your energy for sex.

When you want to have sex but your partner keeps rejecting you because she feels too tired or that you’re doing it too frequently, that can cause a lot of conflicts in your relationship. It can also make you both lose your sexual energy.

Recharging Your Sexual Energy

couple in bed excited to use Malegenix male enhancement supplementWhen you feel like you don’t have the strength for sex, you may be in need of a sexual prowess booster. You should try Malegenix, one of the most widely used male sexual enhancement supplements.

Malegenix is composed of herbal ingredients that are beneficial for your sexual health. Plus, Malegenix contains maca and Tongkat Ali which are both scientifically proven as powerful energy boosters. In fact, because maca and Tongkat Ali are so effective in increasing strength and energy, they are used in many athletic performance boosters and energy drinks.

Malegenix also contains herbs that are known to promote and enhance erections such as Tribulus terrestris and horny goat weed. These herbs are both recognized as effective erectile dysfunction treatments, both in traditional and modern Western medicine.

And if you’re suffering from low sexual energy because of low testosterone levels, you need not worry since Tribulus terrestris and Tongkat Ali are excellent testosterone boosters. In addition, Malegenix also contains Butea superba, which is another herb that can help increase your levels of testosterone.

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  1. Can we really escape stress and fatigue in this day and age? We get drained from the daily commute, work, and chores, that by the time we’re in the bedroom we’re just too tired to do anything else besides sleep.

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