Sexual dysfunction is a problem that affects millions of people. You may be suffering from a desire disorder wherein you no longer have any interest in any sexual activity. Or, you may have an arousal disorder like erectile dysfunction. You may also have an orgasm disorder such that you always ejaculate too early, or you don’t ejaculate at all.

Although it’s best to get yourself examined by a doctor if you experience any of these sexual disorders, you can also try taking sex enhancement supplements to help improve your sexual function. Find out below which male sex enhancement supplements are the most popular.

1. Horny Goat Weed

An herb referred to in traditional Chinese medicine as yin yang huo, horny goat weed is popular for its potent sexual enhancement effects. For thousands of years, horny goat weed has been used to treat impotence and increase libido. It can also be used to help with ejaculatory problems like premature ejaculation.

Horny goat weed contains compounds that can help improve blood circulation thereby improving erectile function. Icariin is the bioactive component found in horny goat weed that is credited for the herb’s pro-erectile effects. Icariin works as a phosphodiesterase inhibitor which is similar to the active component of prescription erectile dysfunction drugs.

Aside from its use for the improvement of sexual health, horny goat weed also has numerous health benefits. For instance, horny goat weed is used to treat diseases of the cardiovascular system like high blood pressure and heart diseases.

Horny goat weed may also be used for treating osteoarthritis and joint pain. It can also help improve weak bones, relieve mental and physical fatigue, and enhance memory.

2. Maca

A vegetable crop grown in the Andes plateaus, maca is both a nutritious food and a potent sexual health booster. As a food, maca has earned the status of superfood, containing various nutrients like carbohydrates, fiber, and protein.

When it comes to vitamins and minerals, maca can hold its own against many common vegetables. You can get a lot of copper, manganese, and iron from maca. It also contains zinc, potassium, vitamins B1, B6, and C.

Maca also contains various phytonutrients like plant sterols and glucosinolates. The bioactive components of maca include macaridine, macaenes, and macamides. Because of its rich phytonutrient content, maca shows potent antioxidant properties.

Numerous research undertakings have shown that maca is effective in increasing libido. In both human and animal studies, treatment with maca supplements has led to an increased desire for sex.

In addition, maca has also been shown to benefit men who are struggling with erectile problems. Maca is likewise beneficial for both men and women suffering from sexual dysfunction induced by antidepressant medications.

For men, maca can help increase fertility by helping improve semen quality. Taking maca supplements can also help raise your sperm count, increase your sperm volume, and improve your sperm motility.

3. Ginseng

Ginseng is famous as a medicinal plant not only in Asia but all over the world. Ginseng roots are used to formulate medicines and dietary supplements. The varied health benefits of ginseng are due to its rich phytonutrient and antioxidant content.

Panax ginseng, often referred to as Korean red ginseng, has been shown to help normalize testosterone levels in men with impaired testicular function such as those suffering from hypogonadism.

The main bioactive content of Panax ginseng is called ginsenoside, a compound that is found only in ginseng. The ginsenoside content of Panax ginseng appears to have an inhibitory effect on the testosterone conversion to DHT. Ginsenoside can also help reduce prostate size and inhibit further prostate growth in men with benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Panax ginseng is also known to help protect the testes from damage while enhancing testicular functions. For instance, in animal studies wherein testicular damage was induced through physical trauma and alcohol, treatment with Panax ginseng extracts helped attenuate the negative effects.

Infertile men taking Panax ginseng supplements may see an increase in sperm production as well as improved sperm motility.

Aside from its benefits on sexual health, Panax ginseng is also popular for its other health benefits. Recent studies have shown that Panax ginseng may have neuroprotective and cognitive enhancing effects, anticancer properties, anti-inflammatory properties, as well as adaptogenic properties.

As a general tonic, ginseng has long been used to help improve endurance and stamina, as well as to relieve anxiety and depression.

4. Ginkgo Biloba

Although quite popular as a supplement for brain health, Ginkgo biloba also has great sex enhancement properties that make it an effective supplement for sexual health. For instance, Ginkgo biloba can help increase libido and improve erectile function.

First off, Ginkgo biloba can help raise your dopamine levels. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that’s key to sexual arousal. If your dopamine levels are quite low, you may see a reduction in your libido. In contrast, when your dopamine levels are high, you may feel an increase in your sexual desire.

Secondly, Ginkgo biloba is known to help improve cardiovascular health. Due to its antioxidant properties, Ginkgo biloba can help protect against atherosclerosis by reducing endothelial dysfunction. Atherosclerosis is actually one of the top physiological causes of erectile dysfunction.

In addition, Ginkgo biloba is also known to improve blood flow and lower blood pressure. High blood pressure, just like atherosclerosis, is another common cause of erectile dysfunction. And if you have blood flow problems, then your erectile function will be impaired since the penis only becomes erect when it is sufficiently filled with blood.

5. Tribulus Terrestris

One of the most well-researched sex enhancement supplement, Tribulus terrestris is popular for its effectiveness in treating erectile dysfunction and improving fertility. Men with low sexual drive can benefit a lot by taking Tribulus terrestris supplements since this medicinal plant is a potent aphrodisiac.

In addition, just like ginseng and ginkgo, Tribulus terrestris also has antioxidant properties. The antioxidant effects of Tribulus terrestris help men who are infertile by improving sperm motility. Tribulus terrestris can likewise help increase sperm count and volume.

Aside from its positive effects on sexual health, Tribulus terrestris can also help treat benign prostatic hyperplasia, anemia, coughs, and intestinal problems. Initial research on the anticancer properties of Tribulus terrestris also show promising results.

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