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  According to the World Health Organization 2016 data, close to two billion people worldwide were overweight. Of the two billion, more than 600 million were suffering from obesity.  For male American adults, from 2011-2014, more than 34% were obese. This means that one in three adult American men are more than just overweight.

  These data show how big a concern obesity is, not just in the US but also all over the globe. In fact, every year, billions of dollars are spent worldwide for treating obesity. There is so much focus on obesity now, considering that it’s one of the top ten killers of American men. So many studies have been highlighting the effect of obesity on cardiovascular health and mortality rate.

  But the number one reason why you should be concerned about obesity is that it literally destroys a man’s sexual functioning. Here are the top five ways obesity is killing your capacity to have sex.

#1 Obese Men Have Lower Testosterone Levels

  As you may already know, testosterone is the main male hormone, responsible for men developing large muscles, strong bones, deep voice, libido and sperm production. In short, testosterone makes you a man.

  Unfortunately, for obese men, they have significantly lower testosterone levels and this leads to problems in everything testosterone-related. In fact, results of scientific studies showed that for male adults who were 40 years old or older, their testosterone levels decreased by 2% for every body mass index (BMI) increase by one point. Thus, the higher your BMI goes, the lower your libido gets and your sperm production also decreases.

#2 Obesity Limits Penile Blood Flow

shirtless obese man having sexual problems should read about Malegenix  Obese men have high levels of cholesterol. The problem with this is it decreases the amount of blood flowing to the penis. Thus, because of the limited penile blood flow, erectile dysfunction often results. This means that obese men are more likely to have problems getting erections and maintaining their erection firm enough to accomplish penetrative sex.

  What’s even more important to note about the low penile blood flow problem is that it’s not just associated with obesity. It’s also independently associated with excessive visceral fat. This means that if your BMI technically is not in the obese range but your waistline is in the 40 inches range, then you also have higher risks of getting limited penile blood flow, and eventually erectile dysfunction.

#3 Obese Men Have Higher Risks Of Buried Penis Syndrome

  An obese male will lose one inch off his sex organ for every fifty pounds that he is overweight. So, if you’re overweight by a hundred pounds, you can say goodbye to 2 inches of your penis. And if you’re a hundred fifty pounds overweight, that’s three inches off your penile length.

  The worst thing that can happen is when obese men can no longer see their penis. This is a condition called buried penis syndrome. It’s also called hidden penis and the known causes for acquired buried penis syndrome are morbid obesity as well as overlaying abdominal fat. It simply means that your penis is already buried under folds of belly fat.

  Hidden penis doesn’t just pose a problem for your sexual functioning, it also leads to many health problems. Your urinary stream can get obstructed, which means urine could pool in your genital area. Aside from being unhygienic, it can also lead to soft tissue infection.

#4 Obese Men Are More Likely To Have Erectile Dysfunction

  Many scientific studies have investigated the correlation between obesity and erectile dysfunction (ED), all showing the same results – obesity does increase a man’s tendency to develop ED.

obese man can benefit from Malegenix for better sexual health  One study showed that almost 80% of men who complained of erectile disorders had BMI of  25 kg/m2 or higher. The study also revealed that men who had a BMI range of  25-30 kg/m2  had 1.5 times higher risks of sexual dysfunction. It was even worse for men whose BMI were more than 30 kg/m2, as they had three 3 times greater risk of sexual dysfunction.

  According to the same study, obesity caused erectile dysfunction through hormonal imbalance. Obesity also lessens the body’s responsiveness to insulin. Insulin resistance together with physical inactivity were also cited as part of the mechanisms by which obesity led to erectile dysfunction.

  Other studies correlated waist circumference to erectile dysfunction. One study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine found that huge waistlines resulted in higher risks for erectile dysfunction. The researchers’ recommendation: keep your waist circumference below 102 cm (40.16 inches) if you want to maintain proper erectile function.

#5 Obesity Leads To Lower Sperm Quality

  The fact that obese men have more problems with the quality of their sperm  has long been established by science. Obesity is associated not just with lower sperm count or lower seminal volume, but it’s also associated with low sperm motility, as well as decreased semen concentration.

  This presents a problem not only for the obese man’s sexual health. If an obese man and his partner are trying to conceive, it would be very challenging indeed, given the low quality of his sperm. In short, the heavier you get, the wider your waistline grows, the greater your chances of becoming infertile.

  For instance, one study found that men whose waist circumference was more than 40 inches had sperm counts more than 20% lesser than those whose waistlines were just 3 inches less. Another study showed that obese men had higher chances of not having any viable sperm at all as compared to men with healthy weights.


  A final word of caution. Obesity not just destroys your sex life, it can also scar you physically and emotionally. And because sexual dysfunction is also associated with having poor physical and emotional quality of life, it becomes a vicious cycle. It surely would be challenging, but one way to get out of this trap is to lose a lot of weight. If you need another motivation to do it, just think of the wonders it would do to your sex life.

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