There are many teas available in the world that do a variety of things for your body. Some relax you, help you sleep, and others help you remain awake. But, these six will boost your libido, increase your sexual fantasies, and help you feel sexually responsible to your partner again. There are many reasons related to a low libido. Some may stem from psychological, emotional, and/or physical reasons. While these teas effectiveness may not be the same for each person, they have a long history of boosting sexual drive.


There are three varieties of ginseng that are well-known, but only two are true ginsengs. The Korean version is the go-to when teas are being recommended, but studies that have gathered together a variety of animals have shown the American version is more effective. It has been shown to boost sexual drive by increasing dopamine within the brain.

A study conducted by the Southern Illinois University of Medicine showed that both American and Korean ginseng increase the sexual response and desire of various animals. This may be due to the ginsenosides that are natural to the ginseng root. Not only are these known to boost libido but they may increase the strength of erections.


Known in the scientific world as Epimedium Grandiflorum horny, goat weed has a long history of boosting libido in both men and women. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is known as Yin Yang Huo and is a staple within this system. The ingredient that has been most -often linked to boosts in libido is the icariin. This ingredient facilitates blood flow which can help you maintain harder erections that last longer. Though the results are not the same for every man. The effect of icariin has been published in the ACS Journal of Natural Products and promote the erection of both the penis and clitoris.


This herb has been improving sexual relations for thousands of years. Maca root is also a staple in sex coffee and has greatly improved the libido of many men and women. It has been through countless studies and has consistently shown to boost libido. In a 2000 study that can be found in Urology, it was shown that Maca Root leads to more sexual activity and better sexual performance. This, of course, can be attributed to Maca Root’s ability to boost libido. With a higher sexual drive, participants may show an increase in sexual fantasies, bonding with their partners, and better sexual performance as they may feel more excited. In addition, Maca Root may also provide benefits to men’s fertility.

Many of the studies have been conducted on men with a lack of studies performed on women, but anecdotal reports from women show that they also feel various benefits from Maca Root. The results witness from the participant of the 2000 study were not instantaneous, most reported a two-month time frame to see the maximum benefits.

Though, as tea is a very relaxing beverage, it would not be a huge burden to drink Maca root tea every day for two months.

In addition to its usage in tea, Maca Root is one of the staples used in a variety of male enhancement supplements. While adding its own unique benefits to the sexual health of men, it also complements other ingredients to boost their efficacy.


Ashwagandha provides many more benefits than just increased libido. It also can boost overall mood and reduce anxiety. Ashwagandha functions similarly to GABA by boosting the creation of nitric oxide and assisting the dilation of the blood vessel. Both of these conditions can lead to an increased frequency of erections that may be easily maintained and controlled. These can lead to great advances in the bedroom, in addition to the boosts in sexual drive. A study published through the University of Texas Health Science Center showed that, like GABA, ashwagandha limited the number of nerve cells that were triggered in the brain. This helped to lower anxiety and increase mood.

Studies have shown that ashwagandha is an adaptogen, which is a substance that can boost immunity against illness and increase stress reduction. For that matter, it has been a staple in the Indian medical practices of Ayurvedic medicine.


High-quality extracts of this plant can be difficult to find. Damiana boosts your mood to send you into a state of euphoria. Not only is it an aphrodisiac, but it can increase sexual function by helping blood flow reach the lower sections of the stomach, reducing anxiety, and may encourage women’s orgasms.


While American Ginseng has been shown to be more effective than the often recommended Asian versions, that is not to say that Korean Ginseng offers fewer advantages. There are a large number of benefits associated with Korean Ginseng such as:

Increases in stamina

With increased stamina, you could last longer for bedroom activities and all of the other events that occur in your life. Not only will you have more energy but you will burn more calories.


Studies have shown that Korean Ginseng is able to boost your erections and the production of sperm. It has been used to assist many men who are experiencing impotence.

Stress Reduction

Mentioned before, but ginseng is excellent in mood enhancement. The ginsenosides can enhance the clarity and alertness of your mental facilities, which can lead to a higher amount of remaining energy after performing responsibilities that tax the brain.

Lower Levels Of Fatigue

Reduced fatigue combined with increased stamina may boost your productivity and assist your entire life. Fatigue, whether mental or physical, can be draining as you struggle to remain energized enough to complete the needed activities. With less fatigue, you can enjoy a nice hike with your significant other or playtime with your children. These important activities will lead to stronger bonds, laughter, and a lot less stress. So, ginseng allows you to create a circle of wellness that will only improve upon itself.

These are some of the teas available that can enhance your overall and sexual health. You need only hot water, a cup, and herbs to create a better sexual experience for yourself.

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