Sexual relations are not meant for just procreation, they are also meant for fun — just ask the dolphins. But, after some time, many couples stop being spontaneous, adventurous and really enjoying the proceedings. Many do the same routine every time it is time to get intimate with their partners. This sameness can severely reduce the pleasure that should be derived from sexual relations.

While missionary, doggy style, spooning, and the cowgirl are excellent positions, there’s nothing wrong with trying something new that will not throw your back out or give your partner a massive Charley Horse.

Here are 7 sex positions that will boost your pleasure and take your sexual relations to the fun place they are meant to remain in. Try the ones you feel comfortable with and fantasize about the ones you don’t.


Women achieve orgasm more frequently when there is a lot of clitoral stimulation added to the sexual relations. According to a study in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, using missionary position, women showed a 56 percent increase in the number of orgasms after adding the coital alignment technique (CAT). This position allows a great deal of clitoral stimulation which is the key to female orgasms, for most women.

How to perform: This position is very similar to your run-of-the-mill position, but your entire body is positioned further forward and to one side of her body so your chest is aligned with her shoulders. With her legs bent to a 45-degree angle, her hips will be tilted up. This will align the shaft of your penis that is closest to your pelvis to constant rub against her clitoris with every thrust of your body.

To boost her pleasure: Rather than thrust up and down, rock your pelvis back and forth to added increased clitoral stimulation. If you want to make it even better for you and her, grind your pelvis into her in a circular motion.


This fascinating sex position will leave blood rushing to your head. Literally. Waterfall, also called Head Rush, is performed by allowing your partner to straddle you as you lie on the bed with your head and shoulders on the floor. When orgasm occurs, you will get a rush of blood to your large and small head.


This position is excellent for women who have a more sensitive side of their clitoris. Know as The Hamstring Stretch or the Over Your Shoulder, this position is performed by kneeling on the floor. After you are kneeling and your partner is draped over the edge of the bed, request that your partner raise one leg and support it by wrapping a hand around the hamstring which is located below the knee. With a raised hip, your partner will be able to move and adjust his/her position to find the best angle and assist your thrusts.

To help you perfect the rhythm, suggest your partner wriggle so the two of you can sync.


This position is targeted to your lady’s G-spot. To perform this position, you must sit on the edge of your bed or a chain while your settles between your legs, facing away from you. He/she can control the speed and depth by either using the chair’s arms as support or going up and down using the tips of their feet. Pushing down into your groin and arching their back allows your partner to control the angle.

With your partner in control, you can settle back, enjoy the view, and enjoy the changing sensations that are not of your choosing. When your partner hits on a particularly sensitive area of yours, make sure to tell them.

To boost your pleasure, your partner can reach under themselves and stimulate your scrotum, penis, and perineum. To boost your partner’s pleasure, you can reach around their body and stimulate her nipples, breasts, or clitoris or his penis, scrotum, or nipples. In addition, your partner can lick or suck on your fingers.


If this position makes you think of your washing machine, then you are, exactly, on the right track. This position is known as the Maytag Repair Man and is the same as The Hot Seat but takes place on top of a washing machine that is set to the highest agitation level. The bumping and vibrating will greatly boost your pleasure and your partner’s.


Another variation on The Hot Seat that proves you do not have to make it to the bedroom to get the sexual relations started. The handrail allows excellent support for her to control the speed and depth. This is also known as Step Lively and can offer many different possibilities of seating.


Known as Thighmaster, this offers her dual stimulation and you, a dual view. To perform this position you would like on your back, keep one leg flat on the bed and the other bent with your knee facing the ceiling. Your partner would straddle your bent leg, placing a knee on either side of it, and face away from you. From this position, your partner would lower themselves down until your penis penetrates them. While controlling the thrusts, your partner can use your knee to support their weight.

To get more stimulation, your partner can push against the upper thigh of your bent leg, with her vulva or his penis.

These are some of the sexual positions that are excellent for boosting your intimacy and learning more about each other’s bodies. You may want to look up more information about Face Off, The Lazy Man, Butter Churner, and the David Copperfield.

These positions are excellent to build your sexual repertoire. There are many different positions that you and your partner can try and after adding male enhancement supplement, Malegenix, you can last much longer, and have more energy, to try all the ones you would like. So, go for adventure and discover all of the new areas that are waiting for you to find the right position to access them.

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