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          Taking male sex enhancement supplements is not just for those who are beset with erectile dysfunction. Sex pills have varied benefits, depending on their formulation. Certain male sex enhancement supplements can also improve your fertility by increasing your sperm concentration.

          Although the most common claims for male sex enhancement supplements are for libido enhancement and erection improvement, there are also sex pills that have added benefits, due to the natural ingredients they contain. Maca is one example of a sex pill ingredient that has numerous health benefits.

#1 Maca Is Extremely Nutritious

A plant commonly found in the elevated regions of central Peru, maca has been cultivated by the Peruvian natives as a vegetable crop for thousands of years. Long before maca became popular as a dietary supplement ingredient, maca has been known to contain various nutrients that provide nourishment and health benefits for those who eat it.

Maca is often added to soups and stews and it can also be eaten roasted or baked. Peruvian natives also make chicha, a fermented drink, using maca. Nowadays, people from all over the world consume maca root in powder form or as a supplement.

Maca root is considered a superfood simply because of its extremely healthy nutritional profile. It’s rich in calcium, zinc, and magnesium and also contains vitamins B and C. You can also get iron, manganese, and copper from maca.

Maca is also a good source of carbohydrates, protein, and dietary fiber. In addition, it contains many bioactive plant compounds like glucosinolates and polyphenols.

#2 Maca Can Increase Your Desire For Sex

Among the elderly, reduced libido is a common complaint. This is one of the reasons why many elderly people are interested in natural remedies for boosting their waning libido. Maca is one of the natural supplements that has been heavily promoted as a potent aphrodisiac, and this claim has a lot of scientific evidence to back it.

man who uses Malegenix kissing woman on the neck while undressing herVarious studies have shown the potency of maca in improving libido, both for men and women. In postmenopausal women, maca can also help reduce hypertension and depression aside from increasing sexual desire.

In several studies involving adult males, treatment with maca consistently resulted in improved libido, despite the varying ranges of the trial periods which lasted from two weeks to six months.

#3 Maca Can Improve Your Fecundity

For men, fertility is all about sperm quantity and quality are equally important. Even if you produce a lot of sperm, when only a little of them are progressively motile, then your chances of impregnating your partner will still be low.

Various studies have shown that maca supplementation can help improve the quality of your semen, and the effects are the same for both healthy and infertile men. This means that even if you’re not infertile, you can still benefit from the fertility-enhancing effects of maca.

Taking maca supplements can help improve your ability to produce sperm as well as the quality of the sperm you ejaculate. When you take maca supplements regularly, you can expect your semen volume, sperm count, and sperm motility to improve significantly.

#4 Maca Can Help You Overcome Erectile Dysfunction

Research has shown that maca can help improve your erectile function. Maca is believed to improve nitric oxide and L-Arginine activities, both of which can improve your capability to achieve erections.

Nitric oxide is essential for your blood vessels to deliver sufficient blood flow to your penis, which will then make your sex organ erect. L-Arginine is also important for your sexual function because your body converts this protein into nitric oxide.

 In addition, maca has also been shown to be effective in treating medication-induced impotence. It’s well-known that certain antidepressant drugs can cause erectile problems as a side effect. Taking maca supplementation can counter these adverse effects and help you recover your erectile function.

#5 Maca Can Protect Your Prostate And Testes

Your prostate gland, which is responsible for the production of seminal fluids, is wrapped around your urethra like a doughnut. Thus, when your prostate is inflamed or enlarged, your seminal fluid levels will be affected, along with your urinary functions.

Maca has been found to help reduce enlarged prostates in rats. This prostate protective property of maca is attributed to its high glucosinolates content. Glucosinolates are compounds that help lower your risks of prostate cancer.

Glucosinolates are also the reason why broccoli is often recommended for men with prostate cancer or enlarged prostates. But the truth is that maca can actually give you more glucosinolates than what you can get from various cruciferous vegetables.

Maca can also protect your testes from damage caused by toxic substances such as metallic lead. Research has shown that rats subjected to metallic lead exposure were still able to normally produce sperm after treatment with maca root extracts.

#6 Maca Can Protect You From Anxiety And Stress

Maca is a known mood enhancer and studies have shown that it’s indeed effective in reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression. Menopausal women who are more vulnerable to depression can benefit a lot from taking maca supplements.

dried maca root and powder are natural ingredients just like those found in Malegenix supplementIn men, mental health concerns are often linked with erectile issues and ejaculatory problems. Men who are having erectile and libido problems caused by stress, depression, or anxiety can also benefit from maca’s mood enhancing properties.

One of the reasons why maca is considered a great adaptogen is because it contains flavonols which are potent antioxidants. Dietary flavonols have long been studied with regard to their antidepressant effects. The flavonols found in maca help fight off oxidative stress in the body and allows your brain to handle stress and depression more effectively.

#7 Maca Is An Effective Strength Booster

Maca is taken not just by men who have libido and erectile issues. It’s also used by athletes and bodybuilders because it’s known to increase strength and energy. Maca can also aid in muscle-building as wells as in improving sports performance, especially in events that require endurance.

If you’re planning to have a marathon in bed, you might want to take maca supplements so that you’ll have the stamina to endure several hours of intense lovemaking.

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