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          Testosterone fuels your sex drive and promotes spermatogenesis. Hence, when you’re low on testosterone, your libido and fertility will suffer. However, low testosterone affects not only your sexual health, it also causes many adverse changes in your body.

          As men grow older, testosterone production naturally decreases. But low testosterone production does not happen to elderly men only. Check out these eight low testosterone warning signs.

#1 Decreased Libido

          As testosterone is a crucial factor in men’s sex drive, when your testosterone levels are low, you will notice that your libido will also decrease. Since testosterone production is influenced by age, if you’re already in your senior years, it’s natural to observe a decline in your sex drive.

          However, younger men with abnormally low testosterone levels may experience a drastic drop in libido. It can even cause you to completely lose interest in sex. If you used to be sexually active but now you find yourself having no sexual desire at all, it’s a good idea to have your testosterone levels tested.

#2 Erection Problems

          The role of testosterone in your sex life does not end with your libido alone. It also helps you with your erections, both in achieving and maintaining them. By itself, the hormone does not cause the erection. What it does is that it triggers chemical reactions that make erections possible.

woman disappointed at man's erection problem can be helped with Malegenix supplement          When your testosterone levels are low, you may have difficulties achieving erections. And you may also find that you no longer have nocturnal erections. If aside from having low testosterone levels, you also suffer from depression, stress, and thyroid problems, you’re likely to develop erectile dysfunction, so you should have yourself checked.

#3 Fertility Issues

          Since one of the most important functions of testosterone is related to sperm production, when your testosterone levels are abnormally low, your fertility will suffer. Your sperm production will decrease, and you will observe a reduction in your semen volume when you ejaculate.

#4 Hair Loss

          Hair loss is influenced by genetics as well as testosterone levels. Even if balding runs in your family, if you also have low testosterone levels, you may start losing your hair earlier than expected. If you also start losing your facial hair, that’s a sure sign that your going bald is a result of low testosterone levels.

#5 Fatigue

          Fatigue happens when you suffer from prolonged exhaustion. Fatigue is typically associated with sleep deprivation over long periods of time. However, when you’re feeling exhausted even when you’re getting enough sleep, it could be a sign of low testosterone levels.

#6 Muscle Bulk Decreases While Body Fat Increases

          Testosterone is actually important for muscle building, which is why weightlifters and bodybuilders often take testosterone supplements. On the other hand, if you have low testosterone, you may experience a decrease in your muscle mass.

          Moreover, as your muscle mass decreases, you may also find that your body fat percentage is increasing.

#7 Other Physical Changes

          Low testosterone can also cause you to lose bone mass. Many believe that osteoporosis can only happen to women. The truth is that men with abnormally low testosterone levels can also develop osteoporosis. That’s because testosterone plays an important role in bone mass development.

          You may also find that your testicles are shrinking when your testosterone levels are low. In men, the testes are responsible for most of the body’s testosterone production. When your testosterone production is low, your testicles will become slightly smaller and will feel a little bit softer.

          In severe cases, men with abnormally low testosterone levels will develop gynecomastia. This is a condition that causes your breasts to become enlarged. It’s not just having excess fat deposits in your chest. Your breast glands actually become bigger.

#8 Emotional Changes

          Low testosterone levels can also impact your emotional well-being. Mood and mental capacity are both influenced by testosterone. In fact, studies have shown that men suffering from abnormally low testosterone levels are more likely to develop depression.

          Mood changes such as irritability can also happen. Cognitive functions like your ability to focus and concentrate may also be affected. Your memory may also be affected. These changes in your mental capacity can further cause stress and anxiety, and can even contribute to your depression.

Low Testosterone Treatments

testosterone meter going low Malegenix can help increase testosterone levels          Various treatment options are now available for men with low testosterone levels. Millions of men benefit from testosterone therapy, not only to restore their testosterone levels, but also to increase their energy, alertness, sexual functions, and mental sharpness.

          You can get a transdermal or skin patch which you need to apply once daily. The patch then releases testosterone then your body absorbs it through your skin. You can also use a mouth patch or tablet which you need to stick to your upper gums or inner cheek. You’ll need to use this twice every day.

          Gel treatments are applied to the skin directly, over the upper arms, thighs, or shoulders. If you’re looking for long-term treatment options, you can have pellets implanted under your skin.

          The pellets are usually placed around the hips or in your buttocks. You can have the pellet replaced after three months. You can also go for injections which are typically administered every seven to fourteen days.

          Taking natural testosterone boosters or male sex enhancement supplements is also an option. If you prefer natural treatments, there are many medicinal herbs that are known to have testosterone boosting properties.

          For instance, Tribulus terrestris or puncture vine is known to enhance testosterone production. It can also help increase your sperm count and improve your erectile function. In fact, puncture vine is known in traditional medicine as a natural aphrodisiac. In addition, Tribulus terrestris contains many antioxidants which can help you ward off oxidative stress.

          Malaysian ginseng or tongkat ali is also known to increase testosterone production. This amazing plant actually has various therapeutic benefits and can help improve your libido and boost your athletic performance.

          Tongkat ali is also known to have anti-diabetic and anti-microbial properties. Moreover, if you’re suffering from depression, fatigue, or stress, taking tongkat ali can help you deal with these because it’s a known adaptogen.

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