When you are teetering over the edge of your orgasm and then fall over, it is a feeling that cannot be replicated. Your entire body is filled with bliss, relaxation, and you feel like you may just smile forever. For men, orgasms can be relatively easy to achieve. But, for women, they can be a lot harder to achieve.

Studies have shown that just 65 percent of women, in a heterosexual relationship, achieve orgasm on a consistent basis.

These numbers show a big divide between the orgasm rate of women and men. So, what can you do to help her reach orgasm more frequently?

First, you will want to assist her in reducing her anxiety, stress, and emotion. Many studies have shown that most women’s brains must be free of these three issues to facilitate orgasm. While all women are different, the following methods work for many women.


To boost your sexual relations, it is excellent to learn about the human anatomy. There are many erogenous zones on your body that you may not know of. For your woman, as mentioned before, clitoral stimulation is a great way to help her reach orgasm.

One woman polled suggested a vaginal sex position that could give her the needed stimulation to push her off the cliff of pleasure. When you and she are in the missionary position, shifting your entire body somewhat forward can lead to constant stimulation of her clitoris with your every thrust. To boost her pleasure, request that she put her legs together so that you can straddle her, says Ellen Friedrichs, M.A., Rutgers University professor of human sexuality.

When she is on top, you can also achieve the same clitoral stimulation by supporting yourself on your elbows and allowing your stomach to rub against her clitoris.


Often, women’s buttocks do not get much attention during sexual relations, unless both are interested in anal sex. The buttocks is home to many nerve endings, according to Gilda Carle, Ph.D., and sex therapist. When having sexual relations, squeeze her buttock with both hands. This will send an intense jolt to her body, which she should enjoy.

If you would like to attempt spanking, discuss this before sexual relations begin. Some women may like this behavior but some do not. Begin any spanking light and gentle. Also, discuss getting the favor returned.


Clitoral stimulation is extremely important in helping your woman reach orgasm. Oral sex is an excellent way to stimulate her clitoris. Ian Kerner, Ph.D. and sex therapist, says that oral sex helps you understand which kinds and how much stimulation she enjoys as her arousal increases.

When you are performing cunnilingus, let her control the proceedings. After you are in place, use your tongue, lips, and/or chin as a foundation for her to rub against. Tell her, with your hands, that you want her to control the flow of the stimulation. As she stimulates herself against your mouth and chin, keep track of how much pressure she uses when pushing against you and which direction she prefers. You can use this knowledge later when using your mouth, fingers, or penis to pleasure her.


While you may want to skip a lot of kissing in favor of some more hardcore sexual activities, a survey conducted in 2017 found that women orgasmed more often when their sexual relations were a combination of genital stimulation, deep and passionate kissing, and oral sex. So, in the midst of the penetration, make sure you add plenty of activities that will help her reach orgasm.


Despite how aroused you and your partner may be, lubricant will always make sexual relations better. As your session continues, your partner may begin experiencing pain and discomfort. Lubricant, according to Friedrichs, is excellent to allow the speed and comfort that is required for both of you to have an excellent sexual relations with no pain for her. With more lubricant you can penetrate her vagina and stimulate her clitoris faster and she will enjoy these administrations rather than be discomforted. For women, no matter how aroused they are, they may not be able to create enough natural lubricant to stay sufficiently lubricated through the entire session.

Studies have found that a moderate amount of lubricant can greatly boost her satisfaction. Also, for you, moistening the end of your penis with a couple drops of lubricant and using short strokes can boost your duration. If you would like to read the full study, go to the article published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine.


The neck is a highly sensitive area of the body. It has thin skin and all of the blood vessels are very close to the surface. This is an excellent place to target a woman using a light touch. If she would like hickeys, do so, but use a light touch at first.

When she is getting close to orgasm, gently brush your lips along her collarbone and move up to her jaw. When you have done this, softly kiss her neck all over. This may tip her over the edge and into a full-blown orgasm.


Add some dirty talk to your activities. It is recommended to discuss what kinds of dirty talk she likes. Some women enjoy demeaning or demanding dirty talk, while others do not. Safe dirty talk may include talking about how sexy she is (be specific), how aroused you are, and how she makes you feel.

Do not call her insulting names, such as a whore, unless she has explicitly told you she enjoys that kind of dirty talk. Also, do not tell her what to do, unless you have discussed this beforehand.


Add sex toys to boost her pleasure. You can use vibrators to stimulate her clitoris or a penis ring that boosts your erections and may be ribbed to stimulate her clitoris upon penetration.

In addition, to boost your erections, you may want to add male enhancement supplement, Malegenix, to your sexual activities. With this male enhancement supplement, you can enjoy greater sexual drive and mood improvements.

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