stressed man from work should learn about Malegenix and its benefits

When you are overworked you may end up undersexed.

      Excessive amounts of chronic stress, which often come from a high-stress job or work situation, can cause erectile dysfunction — even in men who are 30. You may have been happily humming long until you got this new job or a new boss or possible job cuts were announced. While your salary may have gone up, other parts of you are not. Your inability to maintain an erection may frustrate you and leave you feeling desperate. Your relationship may be in an unpleasant place that it has never been before.

      There are not many people who can completely compartmentalize their lives, so the stress of your job will come home with you and leak into your daily life, including your sexual life. When this happens more times than you would like you may want o go to your doctor and ask for some assistance.

      A study that began in 1979 and is published in the British Medical Journal showed that men who had sex more often lived longer. The researchers split a group of men, from South Wales, into three groups. One group consisted of men who had sex twice a week or more, another group had sex once a month, and the third group was in the middle between the two. After factoring in blood pressure, smoking, and social class, they found that the group who had sex twice a week or more might live twice as long as the men who had sex once a month.

      Sex has many benefits to the body and mind, so sexual dysfunction from stress may be robbing you and your partner of those much-needed benefits that include exercise, flexibility, stress reduction, and the myriad of advantages that come with intimacy. Should you perish early, not only would your partner mourn you, but your job would lose the skills, knowledge, and productivity you provide. As companies are often looking at the bottom line, they are actually hurting their profits by working you too hard.

man stressed at work trying to read about Malegenix online      Job stress not only precludes erectile dysfunction, it also leads to a decreased sexual drive. These two conditions accompany many men as they grow older even without the added factor of job stress. When men reach their 50s, nearly 20% of them will be afflicted with sexual dysfunctions whether mild or severe.

      As work becomes about producing more faster, technology ties you to your work through tablets, phones, and other devices that you can carry. These devices, as sleek and stylish as they are, make it so job stress moves out of the workplace and transforms into an umbrella over your life. With constant emails, requests, and phone calls that must be picked up, the stress becomes chronic. Long hours at work turn to long hours during the night and you may spend an immense amount of time working. This has an extremely detrimental effect on your sexual relations. While your stress is growing, your stress-relieving activities, like friendships, fun, family time, and sex are shrinking.

      A study of European men looked at the effect of long working hours on men’s sexual lives. It concluded that over a 12-month period the number of men who had high-stress jobs or other situations was 1.8 times as likely to have sexual difficulties than men who had low-stress jobs. But, the effects of a high-stress job were related to more than just physical sex, they were also related to the overall intimate relationship. Intimacy with your sexual partner, family, or friends, is an excellent way to wind down after a long day of work, but if that long day of work never ends, then all of these relationships will suffer. And you will suffer.


      It may be helpful to anticipate stress-related sexual dysfunction. When you find there may be a period of increased stress at your job, you can employ stress-reduction techniques, such as meditation, intimacy that does not involve sex, and healthy foods. But, some men, may not realize stress is the culprit. For these men, their doctor may inform them that stress is the cause. This knowledge may reassure them that these problems are temporary. For others, they may be described medication. This can help them maintain and enjoy regular sexual relations again, all while building their confidence as they take on these stressful situations.

      These men may be on medication for some time. One day they may forget to take the medication and some will find that they are still able to maintain sexual functioning. They will have found their sexual abilities are under their control, not the control of their jobs, stress, or any other external entity, says Dr. Scott Gidehill, a senior medical consultant.

woman unhooking bra with man waiting in bed after trying Malegenix pills      Not only will less stress allow you to achieve more frequent orgasms, it will boost your mood. With less stress, you can reduce your refractory period. This is the time between your last orgasm and the next possible one. During this time your body is unable to experience erection, arousal, or orgasm. Stress can greatly prolong this period, halting your sexual relations for much longer than need be.

      Sex is the one thing in life, that when done in moderation, feels good and is also good for you. Unlike candy, pop, and fast cars, sex gives you pleasure and good health.

      Do not let your job take your joy away. Talk to your physician if you are concerned and take some steps to create a stronger and more intimate bond with your partner. When intimacy is very high in your relationship it is much easier to withstand job strain.

      During the day, you and your partner may add intimacy into your lives. If this includes laughter, that could be very helpful. Sex and laughter are an excellent combination that can greatly relieve stress and promote stronger bonds.

Your job may, at times, feel like it is your life. Always remember that it is not.

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