Most of us are quite familiar with our sexual drive. We may want and engage in sex once a year or more, twice a month, three times a week, or never. We may have no sexual drive or have a drive that is like a cross-country road trip with a car that has never-ending gas and unbreakable parts.

Either way, we differ, but if your sex drive was put up against the following animals’, which animal would most closely mirror you? Is it the:


The lone wolf is not only synonymous with its hunting habits, this also matches its sexual drive. The wolf mates about once a year. There are many dangers in the wild and the wolf does not want to be caught unawares, so mating is a very rare event. Wolves are too busy looking for every enemy that may cross their paths, which leaves very little time for sex. Though, this may not be the only reason. When wolves mate, they get locked together for at least a half an hour. Do you know what could happen should this wolf couple get caught locked together? Nothing good. So, mating for them is rare and targets procreation.

Are you a lone wolf?


Dolphins, playful, cute mammals that they are, mate very often. Their drive is extremely high, which means that it is not just driven by procreation. Dolphins have many partners and orgies, in fact, they spend 30 percent of their day mating. Yes, that is eight hours! Dolphins’ sexual drive and actual sexual relations are the stuff of our wildest fantasies. Who knew?

Is your sexual drive wild and varied like a dolphin?


Lions do not mate all that often, but unlike the wolf, they maximize the chance. They are not tied to a breeding season, but as soon as the lioness goes into heat, the lion comes knocking. There is no fighting over which lion will get to mate with the lioness. The male who approaches her first will be given her consent. Unfortunately for the lioness, the lion’s penis has backward-facing barbs that hurt a great deal when mating is complete and the male ejects himself. Theories say that the pain will stimulate the lionesses’ ovulation.

Lionesses become very active when they are in heat. They may mate with five different males almost every quarter of an hour and without sleep. As the female’s estrus, i.e. heat, may last from four days to a week, and only 1/5 of these mating periods lead to cubs, she must maximize every time she is in heat. When estrus does not lead to conception, she must wait two weeks for a new estrus to begin. Lion cubs rarely live long in the wild, so she must try very hard to become pregnant again. Lions may mate 20 – 40 times in a 24-hour period. During this time, they think of nothing else and do not eat. They do not have the time to focus on anything else.

Is your sexual drive large like a lion’s?


If lions amount of mating seems a little low for you, then you may have the sexual drive of a gerbil, especially the Shaw’s Jird. These animals mate 240 times in one hour. Now, we know you are not having sex that much, but you may want it with that frequency.

Do you understand where the gerbils are coming from?


Sloths, as you can imagine, are not hurrying to mate. The female goes in heat once a year and the male comes running, if he could, because she screams without stopping until he arrives. When they do begin mating it is very passionate and very, very quick. Five seconds, that’s it. All of that screaming and traipsing through the jungle for just five seconds. Apparently, sloths can do something fast. Unfortunately, it is mating.

Is your sexual drive a slow boiling hot inferno like the sloth?


You already know this, but the black widow spider is a perpetual widow. After mating with her beau, she eats him. This independent female does not need a male. No, not one, or the other twenty-four that she mates with in a day. She has a healthy appetite, in twenty-four more ways than one. Yes, her suitors will, literally, die to be with her.

Do you meet them, greet them, and leave them as the black widow does?


The stereotype of being sex-hungry like a rabbit is not a stereotype at all, but a fact. Rabbits do not mate for procreation, as their gestation period is a scant 30 days. They mate because their sexual drive is higher than the atmosphere. The females can turn a corner and be in heat, so they are free to mate whenever they would like, which is a lot. If you have two rabbits, keep them away from each other unless you would like some cute, furry, baby rabbits.

Do you enjoy sex as much as possible like the rabbit?


Bonobo apes mate face-to-face, like us. They are closest to humans in the chain of evolution and they mate whenever the mood strikes. They mate to greet each other, fight, add new friends to their world, fix relationship issues, and just because they want to. Sounds just like us.

Does your sexual drive coincide with our closest cousins, the bonobos?

These are just some of the amazing sexual drives of our fellow animals. Which one rang true to you? If you asked your partner, which one would they choose? Sexual drive is variable, as you can see among these animals, and it can strengthen bonds, save relationships, and add a lot of fun to your life—just ask the dolphins. Whether you are having sex once a year or can’t get enough, thank your partner every day for a great time and that he/she is not like the black widow spider.

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