Women’s lingerie. Some of it can be very strange. There really are kitten ears with bunny paws. But, you may be surprised to find out there is some out-there men’s lingerie, as well. From penis kilts to Frozen’s Olaf that cradles your precious treasure, and comes with suspenders, some of these are very creative Get ready to have your mind blown and your internal laugh track stuck in the on position. Here are 10 absolutely hilarious men’s lingerie.


Gregg Homme has come up with the Red Tartan Kilt Thong to have your partner begging to play hide and seek. This kilt has a soft black band that wraps around your waist and a red and blue kilt that covers your man parts. Is it sexy? You bet. what is under this kilt is already known, but it just the right length to tease your partner.


Whether you have seen the children’s movie, Frozen, or not, these are some interesting penis suspenders. They wrap around your shoulders and back and staring out from your groin area is Olaf, the snowman. His face is 2D, his carrot is not. How curious. Your partner may find this lingerie either very cute, very hot, or a mixture of both.


Wicked Temptations has released the Black Lace Sling. This soft lace begins in a slim collar around your neck to a two-inch lace strip that runs from your neck to your groin area. Cradling your penis is a soft fabric and lace underwear. Just make sure this lace is not too tight as that can disrupt your sperm production.


If you or your partner are interested in sailing the seas, in your bedroom, you may find PPU’s Nautical Striped Cut-Out Briefs are very fascinating and comfortable. This lingerie will leave your partner feeling breathless waiting for you to take off this meager lingerie and show the rest. Since there is not much to take off, you may want to strip very, very, slowly.


This 2-in-1 stylish chain kilt serves double features. You can place this over your man parts or wear it as a necklace. Gregg Homme leads the way in men’s lingerie. But, a benefit for you is that men’s lingerie looks a lot more comfortable than women’s lingerie.


Luxe Legwear has released its line of nude mantyhose for those of you who enjoy the texture against your skin. These sheer hoses can be slowly taken off to increase the anticipation of your foreplay and enhance your partner’s arousal.


These are excellent for those cold winter nights when you are sitting in your home with no pants on. Just be aware that too much heat can reduce the sperm production within your testicles. This excellently knitted lingerie is available in Etsy stores.


Bubbles Bodywear has released its cutout, butt-lifting boxer briefs. These can accentuate your buttocks by lifting and separating them. In addition, they are made of a soft material that hugs your backside in all the right ways. With these, you can begin any sexual relations having shown your partner the best side of you.


These underwear, from Candy Man Fashion, feature a fashionable corset in the back. The slatted fabric, to show some skin, can be manipulated for maximum anticipation. Made from a breathable fabric you or your partner will enjoy, both of you will be glad corsets are no longer just reserved for women.


Wicked Temptations has unleashed lingerie that combines the Old West with sexual desire. This barely-there lingerie includes a hat, holster, and may leave you spending a lot of time sheathing and unsheathing as activities heat up in the bedroom.


PPU has devised a devilishly handsome pair of underwear that features a slim line that runs from your waist to your neck, complete with a black tie. You can come to your bedroom activities debonair, suave, and formal. Not to mention the waistband looks very comfortable so you can enjoy your partner removing this formal wear. For a night with candles, wine, and scarce formal lingerie, these are the perfect accessory.


Whether Christmas is around the corner or not, 3 Wishes’ Candy Cane Briefs will be an excellent gift for your partner. While you may get on the naughty list for claiming the candy cane is too small, you will score some points on the nice list for walking out of the bathroom with these enticing briefs on. Watch as your partner wonders at the possibilities that could be awaiting when you add these arousing briefs, a hat, and some polished boots to your bedroom activities.

#13 TANK

Go Softwear has gifted the world its Mesh “Gladiator” tank. Half opaque, half mesh, your partner may be wondering what else you have under the dark side of this comfortable tank. Marketed as “Euro chic”, this tank will add some European activities to your home, especially of the German kind.


Gregg Homme comes with a variety of different styles and fabrics. These Leather Lace-up with Crocodile fabric are both comfortable and fashionable. You can strut around your home or bedroom knowing that you are providing the utmost arousal to your partner and comfort for yourself. With a laced backside, you can show a lot of skin that can entice your partner to touch and explore further.

There are many interesting and hilarious lingerie for men that can accompany you in the bedroom. Whether you are looking for a good laugh or are looking for clothing that can spice up your bedroom activities, these companies have a variety of products that can meet your needs. Head to their websites to see for yourself and when you have found the right products, purchase them, and try them. They could take your sexual relations to a level you can handle and no crocodile has ever experienced. Enjoy your new clothing and bring them out whenever you would like to add some fun to your activities.

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