When men consult their urologists to have a penile implant fitted, it’s usually because they need help getting their erection back. However, penile prosthesis has many known complications that can actually end up destroying your manhood, your sex life, and your sense of manliness.

In one case, for instance, a man ended up having an erection that never went down for several months after he had a penile implant fitted. Not a good experience, not to mention the fact that his penis became smaller by half after a corrective surgery.

Take a look at the following known complications of penile implant surgeries.

1. Infections

Infections are one of the most common causes of penile implant failure, with a prevalence of 8 to 20 percent. This can happen when bacteria comes into contact with the device before it is implanted, or if there is bacterial growth in the site of the implant.

The biggest problem with an infection is that it can cause a lot of pain, inconvenience, and serious medical issues for the patient. It may even cause loss of penile size. In many cases, when the penile implant becomes infected, removal of the implant is necessary.

That’s because antiobiotic therapy is often insufficient to treat penile prosthesis infections. The common types of bacteria that typically cause infections after a penile implant surgery include staphylococcus or streptococcus bacteria.

In some cases, toxic bacteria like E. coli and Pseudomonas cause the infection. If this is the case, the infection will show almost immediately after the surgery, accompanied by fever and abundant pus drainage.

When the infection has caused significant scarring inside the penis, it can result in penile shortening. The scarring may also cause your penis to become curved when erect. Thus, instead of getting a longer or bigger penis, you may end up having a shortened penis after such an expensive surgery.

2. Penile Necrosis

In cases when the infection is severe, penile tissue necrosis may occur. This means that the tissues inside your penis start dying. Normally, when an infection occurs after a penile prosthesis surgery, the implant is removed and replaced with a new one as a salvage procedure.

However, when penile necrosis has begun, a typical salvage procedure may no longer be enough. If the dead tissues are not removed, it would result in even worse medical consequences. Thus, your doctor would need to remove the necrotic tissues.

If the necrotic tissues are located in the glans, this would require a glansectomy or removal of the head of your penis. However, if the tissues surrounding the prosthetic cylinder are the ones that have become necrotic, it may mean that your doctor would need to amputate your penis to prevent further damage.

3. Urethral Perforation

When a penile implant is fitted, cylinders are placed inside your corpora cavernosa which is the part of your penis that becomes engorged when filled with blood during erections. Before the cylinders are fitted, the corpora cavernosa need to be dilated first to allow for the insertion of the cylinders.

Unfortunately, the process of dilating the corpora cavernosa sometimes causes urethral perforation. This means that your urethra, which is the tube which your semen and your urine uses to exit your body, has become punctured or lacerated.

As you can imagine, urethral perforation can cause various painful symptoms. You’ll see blood in your urine, you’ll experience intense pain in your lower abdomen or pelvic area, urination will be extremely painful, and you may even experience severe bleeding.

4. Bladder Perforation

These days urologists typically use a three-piece penile implant device to treat organic erectile dysfunction. This type of device consists of two inflatable cylinders that are placed inside the penis, a fluid-filled reservoir to deliver fluid to the cylinders to make the penis erect, and a pump which is used to pump the fluid from the reservoir into the cylinders.

Positioning the reservoir properly inside the abdominal wall is a tricky business which can result in the perforation of the bladder if not done properly. Since your urine is collected in your bladder, when your bladder becomes punctured during the penile implant surgery, the complications can be severe if not immediately corrected.

For instance, you may experience difficulties in emptying your bladder. You may also see blood in your urine or you might see a bloody discharge coming out of your penis. In rare cases, loss of fluids and hypovolemic shock may happen.

5. Deformity and Buckling

Before fitting the penile implant, your doctor should first determine that the device is the right size for you. If an oversized device is used, it can lead to penile deformities. If the cylinder is too long, it would extend your penile shaft excessively, causing a lot of pain. In this case, the device will need to be removed.

An oversized cylinder can also cause erosion, which means that the device eats away at your penis tissues and skin from the inside. On the other hand, when the cylinder is undersized, it can cause your penis glans to appear as if it’s crookedly or loosely attached to the shaft.

Non-Surgical Ways of Getting Bigger Erections

The number one reason why men undergo penile prostheses is to enable them to achieve erections. For men who have been struggling with erectile dysfunction for many years, getting a penile implant is a last ditch effort to regain their sex life.

But because of the many complications associated with penile implant surgeries, more and more men are going for natural ways to treat erectile dysfunction instead. This is one of the reasons why herbal remedies for impotence have gained a lot of popularity in recent years.

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