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          Turnera diffusa, more popularly known as Damiana, is a flowering plant common in subtropical regions. Damiana is not just recognized for its fragrant leaves, it has become globally popular because of its use as an aphrodisiac and bladder tonic since ancient times.

          The leaves of Damiana, either dried or fresh, are used to formulate herbal remedies. Dried Damiana leaves are often used to make tea. These aromatic leaves contain various bioactive agents such as tannins, resins, and essential oils. These phytochemicals are responsible for Damiana’s diverse health benefits.

Antioxidant Properties

Damiana contains 22 different flavonoid compounds, seven glycosides, plus terpenoids, fatty acids, caffeine, and various other bioactive compounds. Because of this rich antioxidant content, Damiana has been found to have numerous therapeutic effects.

Of the various phytochemicals found in Damiana, apigenin is perhaps the most well-known. This natural bioflavonoid compound is believed to help reduce the risks of developing cardiovascular diseases and various types of cancer like prostate cancer. Apigenin can also help lower your blood pressure so it’s great for people with hypertension.

Therapeutic Effects

In traditional medicine, Turnera diffusa has many uses, not just for improving male virility. For instance, Damiana has been experimentally proven to have gastroprotective and hepatoprotective properties.

Damiana tea is taken to relieve constipation since it can help relax gastrointestinal muscles. In animal studies, supplementation with Damiana leaf extracts has been found effective in protecting the gastric tract from aspirin and alcohol-induced ulcers.

Turnera diffusa also has diuretic and antiseptic properties which make it suitable for treating urinary tract and bladder problems. For instance, one of its traditional use is for the treatment of urethral inflammation. When your urethra is inflamed, urinating can be painful and you could experience a burning sensation as you urinate.

damiana flower and dried powder are natural male enhancement ingredients like the ones in Malegenix pillsThe antiseptic properties of Damiana are attributed to its arbutin content. Arbutin is converted by the body into hydroquinone which acts as a powerful antiseptic in the urethra. Hydroquinone then helps to cleanse your urethra of microorganisms and disease-causing bacteria.

Damiana also exhibits antibacterial and antidiabetic properties. Several animal studies have shown that extracts made with the leaves of Damiana exhibit hypoglycemic activities which means it can help lower blood glucose levels.

Damiana can also help you fight obesity. When used with yerba mate and guarana, Damiana has been found to help delay gastric emptying. In one study, it was found that when these three medicinal plants were mixed into one polyherbal remedy, it helped overweight patients to lose weight over 45 days of treatment.

The herbal preparation also lessened the time it took for the patients to achieve gastric fullness. This means that those who were given the treatment took only a short time to feel satiated after they started eating.

The patients’ gastric emptying was also significantly delayed. This means that for these patients, food from the stomach took a while before it entered the small intestine, inducing feelings of satiety in the patients.

Sexual Desire Stimulant

In folk medicine, Damiana is most popularly used as a stimulant for sexual desire. If you’re planning to impress your partner with your sexual prowess, taking aphrodisiac Damiana supplements can help you achieve that.

If you were planning to invite your partner to a sex marathon, Damiana can keep you going for several rounds. That’s because Damiana can revive your sexual desire even after you’ve already ejaculated.

That’s exactly what happened when sexually exhausted rats were given Damiana. The experimental rats were able to copulate and orgasm again and again.

In addition, Damiana has also been found to shorten the rest period between ejaculations. If you’ve been worried that you’re taking longer rests between rounds of passionate sex, you can try to shorten your ejaculatory intervals by taking Damiana supplements.

Damiana contains flavonoids, caffeine, and arbutin, which make it possible for you to have a supercharged sexual stamina. Damiana is also known to lessen the symptoms of erectile dysfunction by increasing stimulation and blood flow to the genital area.

watching a couple making love with the help of Malegenix through an open doorThe aphrodisiac and pro-sexual properties of Damiana are just some of the reasons why this medicinal plant is popularly used in various male sex enhancement supplements.

Damiana’s credibility as a bedroom tonic has already been validated by various published research which is why many consumers trust male enhancement supplements that contain Damiana.

The fact is that Damiana is not only great for recovering male sexual virility. Women who take Damiana supplements also benefit from this medicinal plant’s pro-sexual properties. This is one of the reasons why Damiana is often recommended for menopausal women who are concerned with losing their libido or suffering from menopausal-induced depression.

Adaptogenic Properties

Damiana contains apigenin, a flavonoid that can help reduce anxiety. Apigenin is also known for its sedative effects. This anxiolytic flavonoid is the same compound that makes chamomile tea great for inducing sleep and treating insomnia. It can also lower your cortisol levels to help relieve your stress.

In the British Herbal Pharmacopoeia, Damiana is indicated for the treatment of anxiety neurosis linked with impotency. It’s also indicated for depression and nervous dyspepsia. Many recent scientific experiments have shown that the use of Damiana to treat stress and anxiety is well-founded.

In one study, various types of Damiana mother tinctures exhibited anxiolytic activities almost equal to diazepam. The researchers noted that the reason for Damiana’s potency as an anxiolytic is due to its alkaloid, flavonoid, and steroid content.

The relationships between stress, anxiety, depression and various sexual dysfunctions have been well-documented. Most men are familiar with how difficult it is to focus on having sex when they’re faced with too many stressors.

And we all know that anxiety, especially sexual performance anxiety, can cause your bedroom performance to even get worse. Depression is also another mental health condition that’s considered as a sex life destroyer. Not only does depression cause you to lose your desire for sex, it can also prevent you from getting aroused.

Since Damiana is known to help relieve these three mental health conditions and promote sexual desire and erections, Damiana is considered as one of the best options for men who are suffering from psychologically-caused sexual dysfunction.

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