Sex in your 60s and 70s can be amazing and it is for many people. In your 20s and 30s, you may have tried a variety of sexual positions. You may read the Kama Sutra and tried every position but the one where you, literally, could not tell where one body ended and other began, but just because you are older, that does not mean there are not a lot of positions available for your pleasure. You may have to change some positions to make them easier to perform, but there are many for you and your partner. Here are some sexual positions throughout your years, beginning in your 20s.

YOUR 20s

In your 20s, you may experience little to no joint or muscle pains. With this freedom, you can try a variety of sexual positions. Though, at this age, you may experience premature ejaculation which can halt your sexual relations as you wait for your refractory period to subside. So, you will want to skip styles such as missionary or doggy-style. While these are typical positions, they can lead to a faster ejaculation as the deep penetration and your thrusts can push you to climax early, according to Katy Zvolerin, a clinical sexologist.


Handing over the speed and depth to your partner is an excellent way for longer sessions. Suggest they take the top position. In addition, this gives you an excellent view of your partner’s body and delays your orgasm, says Zvolerin.


In your 20s, you have the strength to hold your partner and have sexual relations against a wall. So, as you support your partner, request they wrap their legs around your waist and lean against a desk or other sturdy surface for support.

The Standing Cowgirl can help you delay orgasm as you focus on ensuring neither of you gets hurt. This distracts your mind and allows you to stay erect for a longer period of time.

YOUR 30s

For most people, your 30s are not filled with joint pain, but if you were an athlete or in some other way, were very active, you may begin feeling some injuries you have sustained. These should be factored in when attempting positions you have not tried before.


This can spare you a lot of pain from a variety of injuries because it is a standing position, according to OB/GYN, Dr. Jennifer Landa, who works in Orlando, FL. To perform this position, request your partner lean on a hard surface such as desk or countertop and penetrate him/her from behind, whether that is the anus or vagina. This variation on the traditional doggy-style can lead to much pleasure, a longer session, and less pain for you.

YOUR 40s

When you reach your 40s you may feel a lot more comfortable with your body and have gained a lot of comfort in your partner, according to Alicia Sinclair, a sex educator. During your fourth decade, it is an excellent time to nurture a stronger connection between yourself and your partner. You can deepen your spiritual connection.

You may enjoy many strong and well-controlled erections during this time, but they may take more time to grow as hard as you would like. Rather than sit and wait for your erections to gather hardness, you can use that time increasing your partner’s anticipation through well-rehearsed foreplay. If your partner is female, foreplay is a very large part of her arousal. You can perform oral sex on each other, use sex toys, and do other activities that increase your arousal.

According to Dr. Landa, your 40s is the time when you may begin to feel the stirrings of joint pain. In addition to athletic injuries, you may feel pain in your lower back and sciatica.

Because of this, you may need to find a position that is easier on your body. Not to mention, if your partner is your age or more, he/she may also need sexual positions that do not stress his/her body too much.

#1 69

Oral sex can be a precursor to the penetration or an amazing sexual act all on its own. If you or your partner need more time to reach maximum performance, the 69 allows you to give each other simultaneous oral sex. It is easy on the body and is an excellent way to build your arousal.

Your female partner may begin experiencing vaginal dryness during her 40s as her estrogen lowers, so oral sex can stimulate her lubrication. During this activity, focus your tongue around her clitoris, as this is a hot spot for women’s orgasms.

As you stimulate one another, orally or manually, this will make the extra time needed to warm yourselves up fly by. After you are fully ready, penetration should be more pleasant.

There is nothing wrong with needing more time or enjoying a lot of foreplay.


To eliminate much of the pressure on your joints, especially for the top partner, the Seated Face-To-Face is excellent. This positions targets a lot of passions between the two of you and allows easy access to your partner’s G-spot.

Your partner will sit on your lap, which will allow the two of you intense eye contact and passionate kisses.

YOUR 50s

During this age range, you may begin to experience erectile dysfunction. A study conducted by the University of Chicago showed that a third of men between 50 and 64 had struggles reaching erection. There are many men who know what you are going through.

You on top will help blood flow down into our penis, so it is recommended at this time in your life, according to Sinclair. There are many positions that will support you and your partner’s pleasure if you lose your erection.


This position is similar to the traditional missionary but differs because your partner will wrap his/her legs around your waist. This boosts intimacy and reduces the chance that your penis will slip out should it become flaccid, according to Sinclair.

YOUR 60s

Going easy on your body is very important in your 60s and beyond. Positions that reduce pressure is excellent for pain from arthritis, back pain, and other conditions, says Sinclair.

You may try the “soft-entry technique”. This involves penetrating your partner while your penis is flaccid. Adding lubrication to these activities can lead to many sensual activities for you both.


In this position, both of you lie on your sides and you penetrate your partner from behind. This position requires little movement but can lead to a lot of pleasure.

These are some of the ways you and your partner can enjoy sexual relations throughout your lifetimes.  

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