Foreplay is a given when you are in a relationship with a woman. Often, for women, reaching an orgasm can be very difficult no matter how hard you or she tries. So, foreplay is key to boost the chance that she will orgasm. While you may be thinking about a little caressing here and some kissing there, or whatever your lady likes for foreplay, mental foreplay will help immensely.

Women like their minds to be stimulated as well as their bodies. They like sex just as much as men, no matter what anyone tells you, but women enjoy sex and become aroused differently than men. They need a lot more time to get ready for sexual relations and really need to get their minds well-lubricated before any other areas will follow suit. But, how can you do this? How can you entice her mind, so she’ll enjoy herself and you can enjoy her? Here are a few ways.


While you may want your lady all the time, you have to make sure that she always knows you want her. The more she knows you want her, the more aroused she’ll become. Just like you feel assured when you are sure she’s enjoying your sexual prowess, she is also reassured and aroused when she knows you find her attractive. Find creative ways to show her you want her, do not just use the standard stuff. Often, even when women just think a man likes, loves, or wants to be with them, they will feel a lot more positive and attracted to you. So, if you are wondering how to stimulate her mind, make her feel beautiful and sexy, mentally, physically, and emotionally.


Often, when your lady tells you about some problem she had, she doesn’t want you to jump in with every solution you can think of. She just wants you to listen, hear her, and empathize. When you show her you truly hear her, are processing her words and emotions, you will stimulate her mind. Women talk about their issues not because they can’t figure out the solution by themselves, but so they can come to the solution after having gathered emotional, physical, and intellectual support from their loved ones and friends. Women want to know if you are on the same page and if you are patient enough and respect her enough to just listen without interrupting. That’s what she wants. Stimulate her mind by actively listening.


Showing your lady you want her is not a one or two-time thing. She is always looking to make sure you still want her. When you help with household obligations, listen when she has fallen out with her friends, genuinely celebrate her friends’ big accomplishments, and show a sincere interest in her overall life, she will be assured that you want her for more than just her body. Show her you want to assist with everything she experiences and you are willing to go through the trials with her. When you show her that you are there for more than just a good time, you will be ready to stimulate her mind and make her feel safe, loved, and supported. When she feels these emotions, you are doing exactly what you need to. Always treat her as a person first and a lover second.


Research some of the things she has told you she is interested in. Expand your knowledge so you and she can discuss issues or topics that she would like to discuss. And, while you are at it, share the topics you would like to talk about. Tell her about your goals, dreams, and show her what you are doing to achieve them.

To stimulate her mind, your lady would like to know that you are working toward your dreams, rather than just telling everyone how much you want them. Show her all the ways you are going to make these dreams into a reality and impress her with your passion. Do not hide your emotions. She wants to hear them. Articulate your inner thoughts and emotions and enjoy talking about them with her. She wants to know you on a deeper level. Rather than just groping her, find out-of-the-box ways to show her how much you want her. Leave some notes in a foreign language so she has to look up the translation or design a small treasure hunt in your house. Make it simple, but make it amazing.


Get to know the small things about her and then bring them up later on so she knows you remember. What is her favorite television show, book, or supercar? Learn these things and when you do, whip them out as a surprise. She will feel both touched and mentally stimulated. Read about other cultures, countries, and travel, so the two of you can grow together.


Open doors for your lady. Face the door when you two are sitting at a restaurant to show her you will protect her. Walk on the side of the street closest to the traffic. These kinds of behaviors show her that you are going to be there for her and protect her. In addition, these behaviors are excellent ways to pique her interest as you bring back gentlemanly behavior. With these small gestures, you can establish yourself as a figure in her life who will be there when things get tough. You will be the man she can lean on if she needs to.


Never forget your humor. Make her laugh. Impress her with your wit. Do a silly dance. Most women, most people, for that matter, love to laugh. And, they love a person who can make them laugh. If she has a quirky sense of humor, tailor your jokes to that. She’ll appreciate it and you will see a lot of her humor and intelligence come out to meet yours.

Love her as a person. That is it. 

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