Your erection doesn’t just depend on how much blood flows to your penis when you’re sexually stimulated. It’s also dependent on how well your penile nerves function in terms of communicating penile sensations to your brain and signaling your penile smooth muscles to relax.

             Needless to say, when your penile nerves are malfunctioning, it can result in an erection failure. And that’s exactly what happens when you have peripheral neuropathy. Read on to learn about how this disease develops and how it causes you to lose your erectile function.


            Except for your brain and spinal cord which comprise your central nervous system, the rest of your body is connected to your central nervous system by your peripheral nervous system. Your limbs, face, internal organs, and even your genitals are taken cared of by your peripheral nerves.

            Peripheral nerves include autonomic, sensory, and motor nerves. These nerves send information from your central nervous system to the other parts of your body, and vice versa. When your peripheral nerves are damaged, the condition is referred to as peripheral neuropathy.

            Peripheral neuropathy may happen as a result of metabolic problems, traumatic injuries, environmental exposure to harmful chemicals, and even infections. Peripheral neuropathy is actually a common disorder, especially among people with diabetes.

            Since there are different types of peripheral nerves, symptoms of peripheral neuropathy may vary depending on which type of peripheral nerves are affected. Your sensory nerves are responsible for processing sensations received from the skin including touch, temperature or pain.

            If your peripheral sensory nerves are the ones affected by neuropathy, then it can interfere with how your brain processes information about sensations. For instance, you may become oversensitive to touch, or the exact opposite may happen. You may also experience a throbbing pain, sharp pain, or burning pain.

            If your motor nerves are affected, you may experience paralysis as well as muscle weakness. You may also start losing your bodily coordination. If your autonomic nerves are affected by neuropathy, you may experience heat intolerance, digestive or bladder problems, and blood pressure changes.

Causes of Peripheral Neuropathy

            Peripheral neuropathy is a condition that can occur as a result of one or more medical conditions and other factors. Diabetes, for instance, is known as a leading cause of peripheral neuropathy.

            Various autoimmune diseases can also lead to peripheral neuropathy. These include rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and necrotizing vasculitis. The latter is a condition that causes the walls of your blood vessels to become inflamed and necrotic.

            Toxic substances and medications like the ones used in chemotherapy can also induce peripheral neuropathy. Traumatic injuries or excessive pressure on a nerve can also cause damage which can result in neuropathy. Motor vehicle accidents and sports injuries can also cause your peripheral nerves to be severed or damaged.

            Bone marrow disorders, tumors, alcoholism, and vitamin deficiencies are also associated with peripheral neuropathy. If you’re deficient in vitamins E, B1, B6, and B12, you may also be at risk of developing peripheral neuropathy since these vitamins are necessary for nerve health.

How Peripheral Neuropathy Causes Erectile Dysfunction

            Inside your penis, you will find your corpora cavernosa, two regions of sponge-like tissue running along the length of your penile shaft. When you are sexually stimulated, the nerves in your corpora cavernosa release neurotransmitters which trigger your corpora cavernosa smooth muscles to relax.

            This is followed by dilation of your penile arteries to enable blood to flow into your corpora cavernosa. Blood flowing in is then trapped inside the sponge-like erectile tissues. A compression mechanism is also involved to prevent the blood from flowing out of your penis.

            The pressure inside your corpora cavernosa then increases to raise your penis so that it becomes erect. Once your penis is erect, intracavernosal pressure is further increased to keep your penis is rigid.

            This complicated process doesn’t happen at all when the nerves in your corpora cavernosa are malfunctioning. If those nerves are damaged by neuropathy, they won’t release any neurotransmitters to signal your corpora cavernosa smooth muscles to relax. Hence, no blood will flow into your corpora cavernosa and no erection will occur.

            If the nerves that process sensory information from your penis are affected by neuropathy, then it can result in impaired transmission of penile sensations to your brain. This means that your brain may not even notice that you’re being sexually stimulated, so it won’t send the signal that will initiate an erection.

            There are actually several nerve pathways involved in the process of erection. Of course, the ones that are in your corpora cavernosa play a crucial role. However, your dorsal penile nerve, your spinal cord, and other nerves in your pelvic area also need to function well in order for you to achieve erections.

            Any damage or malfunctioning in one of these nerves can result in erectile dysfunction. When the other nerves in your pelvic region are affected, it can also lead to ejaculatory problems, especially if the nerves involved in the ejaculatory reflex are damaged.

Dealing With Erectile Dysfunction

            Neuropathy is only one of the numerous causes of erectile dysfunction. In many cases, erectile dysfunction is a result of impaired penile blood flow. Malegenix can help you solve that problem.

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            Maca is another popular remedy for male reproductive and sexual health concerns. In fact, maca has been shown to have fertility enhancing properties on top of being a potent treatment for erectile dysfunction.

            Horny goat weed, another natural remedy for erectile dysfunction, is also known to help improve testosterone levels, increase libido, as well as enhance sperm production. Both damiana and Butea superba are excellent aphrodisiacs that can also boost your erectile function and significantly increase your libido.

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