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Counterfeit MaleGenix pills WILL NOT WORK and may cause severe health problems. Report counterfeit MaleGenix resellers to us for appropriate action.


MaleGenix is the most recent target of counterfeit supplement makers because of its recognizable brand and sizable customer base. Fake MaleGenix pills and bottles are now being made overseas and shipped back to the United States to sell to unsuspecting customers. Fake MaleGenix pills have been spotted on popular online marketplaces such as and, as well as social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Please be informed that MaleGenix is exclusively sold online at, and we are not affiliated with any other reseller of MaleGenix. We cannot guarantee the effectiveness and safety of MaleGenix pills sold outside our official website, and therefore such pills are NOT covered by our 100% money back guarantee.

Counterfeit pills WILL NOT WORK as the formulation and technology behind creating MaleGenix cannot be replicated outside the laboratories where MaleGenix pills are manufactured. The B.A.S.E. technology we developed from the ground up remains to be one of our trade secrets, which prevents it from being replicated elsewhere. Protect yourself against these counterfeit MaleGenix pills and only buy direct from our official website,


Counterfeit MaleGenix sellers are known for operating in online marketplaces such as eBay, and even on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. The open-access platforms of these online marketplaces make it easier for counterfeit sellers to peddle their counterfeit goods, and sell it to unsuspecting victims. Counterfeit MaleGenix sellers typically sell other supplement brands as well, and it is highly likely that these supplements are also counterfeit products. With many of these open-access platforms operating on a rating-based system, it is highly likely that the MaleGenix products sold on these platforms would score low, as individuals buying them are expected not to experience any results from the fake products. Counterfeit MaleGenix pills are even sold at a much higher price than the Standard Retail Price of MaleGenix, Protect yourself against these scams and only buy direct from

Fake MaleGenix has even penetrated regulated online marketing sites such as These sites typically require more documentation to have merchants sell their product on their website. Fake supplement sellers can easily obtain these requirements, which allow them to sell directly on the platform. When faced with complaints from customers, these fake supplement resellers close up shop and simply open up another one. It is highly likely that these fake supplement shops have opened recently, and they sell other supplement brands, which are highly likely to be fake products as well. Shops from regulated online marketing sites are typically new, with bad customer feedback on their products.

Please note that MaleGenix is not in any way connected to resellers that sell MaleGenix outside of our official website. If you spot MaleGenix sellers online, please let us know so we can take appropriate action.

How the SCAM works

Our investigation about counterfeit MaleGenix pills have led us to an elaborate scheme to copy and produce fake MaleGenix pills. We found out that the actual MaleGenix product has been ordered by an individual in the United States, who then shipped the product overseas, where the bottle design and pill structure is copied and reproduced. The counterfeit pills and bottles then get sent back to the United States as an imported product, which then gets distributed and sold online through counterfeit online shops.

Please be aware that these pills are extremely dangerous as there is no guarantee that the composition of these pills are safe. It is likely that the pills are made of inert material, similar to the contents of pills used in double-blind placebo tests. However, we generally recommend that you err on the side of caution and skip these products altogether.

By having the online marketplace to peddle their counterfeit products, these individuals virtually have an endless means of selling counterfeit products. Us at MaleGenix, including some of our competitors and other supplement manufacturers, have tried to go after these individuals, but at best the efforts were only enough to shut down the online profiles. Given their resources, it would be relatively easy to set up shop elsewhere and restart their illegal operations.

What we are doing about it

We are working closely with authorities to track down these individuals to shut off their illegal activities for good. Online marketplaces have been eager to help us detect and locate the physical shops of these individuals. Many of these individuals abandon their operations, which are typically run from the basement of their homes. We have also learned that it is easy for these individuals to transfer from one location to another to avoid detection.

The authorities have been keen to work with us to pursue legal action against these individuals. We are working on more substantial ways to fight back to put an end to the scam for good. We are also working on improving our security features on our bottles, boxes, and pills to help our customers spot genuine MaleGenix pills.


Counterfeit MaleGenix pills WILL NOT WORK. If you want to experience real results, then buy genuine MaleGenix pills from our official website,

The technology and quality of MaleGenix prevents it from being reproduced elsewhere other than the labs where our high-quality pills are manufactured. Get genuine MaleGenix pills to experience the results you expect from your male enhancement pills.

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We cannot guarantee the effectiveness, quality, and safety of the
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