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Number 1 Penis Growth Pill Proven To Work

The revolutionary breakthrough formula that makes up MaleGenix is supported by over 60 pages of scientific findings, clinical tests, and double-blind studies to support the penis enlargement results. MaleGenix is a comprehensive male enhancement solution that is guaranteed to make a huge, positive impact on your sex life. The revolutionary quality of MaleGenix is quickly becoming the new gold standard in male enhancement making it the number one choice for achieving penis growth.

Number 1 Penis Growth Pill Proven To Work
Accelerated Penile Expansion

MaleGenix’s breakthrough Accelerated Penile Expansion formula is clinically tested to increase erect penis size by as much as an enormous 55%! Women’s orgasms are 200% stronger when a man has a 7 to 10 inch penis than a 4 to 6 inch penis. Don’t sell yourself short.

Number 1 Penis Growth Pill Proven To Work
B.A.S.E. Technology

B.A.S.E. stands for Biological Accelerated Sustained Expansion. The ingredients used within the formula works hand-in-hand with the body’s biological process to maximize its impact on penis enlargement and expansion. MaleGenix is the first product ever to use both B.A.S.E Technology and Accelerated Penile Expansion to rapidly grow your penis in both length and girth. See why thousands of men choose MaleGenix over other male enhancement brands today!

Breakthrough Male Enhancement Formula: Get Bigger Penis, Last Longer, Perform Better

How important is Penis Size?

In 2017 divorce was more common than ever before. No year before in history has seen more divorce than 2017. There is a major factor that can contribute to the biggest divorce rate in history . More wives are cheating on their husbands than ever before.

When multiple online surveys asked hundreds of women why they cheated on their husband, the number one reason was because they wanted to have sex with a man that pleased them. Here are just a few responses from those women:

“I got married at 19 years old, I was probably too young to realize men had different size penises. I didn’t want to go through life never being able to experience sex with a man that had a large penis. I feel bad for my husband, but having sex with a man that had a small penis for the rest of my life would have made me miserable.”

“I fell in love with my husband because he was the boss of a company I worked for. I was the hot intern that all the guys wanted. So naturally I fell for the boss, and with his money, my husband charmed me. I should have never ignored the fact that he had a small dick and sex with him was terrible. I thought I would get over it. A few years into marriage and I couldn’t control myself. I was fucking the guy with a 9 inch dick who worked in the mail room, and the saddest part about it was that all the women that I told were jealous of me, not because of the rich husband, but because I was having the best orgasms I’ve ever imagined.”

“Me and my husband worked together in a school. We were both teachers. Well word got out that another gym teacher had a big dick. It became a rumor around the faculty room, well around the school. At first I thought it was just a rumor and there was no truth to it, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I knew my husband felt uncomfortable because he was always shy about his smaller than 6 inch penis. Anyways, after I found out from three other teachers that were all fucking this guy that he did indeed have an enormous cock, I had to find out what it felt like for myself. I felt so bad for my husband when he nearly heard my moaning from outside the house. But I simply couldn’t help myself. This was irresistible.”

“I am a pretty petite women, married to a pretty small man, not just height wise, but also penis size. One night I walked in on my husband watching porn on his phone. Instead of being mad, I was turned on. For a few months we had this new kinky thing going on how we would watch porn together. Well I couldn’t help but imagine all these porn videos with these petite women fucking these guys with monster cocks. I always thought that small women wouldn’t be able to handle such a big cock. I became obsessed with finding out if I would be able to handle a giant cock. I mean it was all I could think of. I was close to actually going to a male strip club and asking one of the strippers to fuck my brains out. I never thought I had this side of me. Well I’m not proud to say that my marriage ended months afterwards, but I am proud to say that even at 4-foot 10-inches, I can handle a 9-inch, thick cock.”

When thousands of women were asked to list the three most important qualities in a man when it referred to sexual pleasure here was the most common answer:

  • Penis size. And Bigger is Better all the time!
  • The ability to last long enough to give multiple orgasms.
  • Being romantic.

So, How Important is Penis Size?

Men with larger penises have better lives. They have this confidence about them. They have no fear that their women would cheat on them, because they know that no man can give their wives what they have, and that is sex with a monster cock.

Only 33% of men have a cock that women would consider massive. And 90% of men have a cock that is smaller than 6.5 inches. How bad is 6.5 inches or smaller?

A sex experience was done in the Czech Republic. Women were asked to have sex with different fucking machines. And sex scientists examine what size dildo on the sex machine would create the fastest and most frequent and stronger orgasms. The dildos that were 6.5 inches or smaller rarely generated any orgasms at all. While the 8 inch or bigger dildos would generate on average 4 orgasms in 20 minutes.

Clinically Tested To Be Bigger - Be Harder Last Longer Ejaculate More Have More Erections

Woman Reaction To Man After Using MaleGenix


stage 1 :

MaleGenix activates the first stage of its erectogenic components, enabling the user to achieve an erection within 30-60 minutes after taking the product. The erectogenic compounds widen blood vessels to allow more blood flow to the cavernous spaces in the penis.

stage 2 :

MaleGenix activates its vasodilator compounds to trigger a systematic dilation of blood vessels to promote better blood flow to the penis. Vasodilators greatly enhance the blood volume and pressure to the cavernous spaces in the penis.

stage 3 :

Aphrodisiacs enhance the user’s sensitivity to sexual stimulus, which triggers an erection. When aroused, the blood vessels of the body simultaneously contract and dilate to focus blood flow to the penis, forcing the penile chambers to expand to full capacity.

stage 4 :

The sexual endurance elements of MaleGenix allows you to remain in an aroused state for longer periods of time. Having longer-lasting erections under the effects of MaleGenix would loosen up tight penile tissue, and create a much bigger erection.

stage 5 :

MaleGenix prolongs the effects of the formula through a sustained-release model, which allows the body to remain in a sexually-supercharged state. The extended duration of ingredient benefits allow the formula to speed up results and maximize its benefits.

MaleGenix Male Enhancement Technology To Achieve Penis Growth

Male Enhancement Ingredients From Across The World

“I can’t believe it was that easy

MaleGenix has changed my life. In just a matter of weeks my penis felt like it was as big as a baseball bat. I had this new confidence and couldn’t wait to have sex with anyone woman I knew. I thought I was a good lover prior to taking MaleGenix, but now I am witnessing for the first time what a mind-blowing orgasm is and I have to give all the credit to my larger, thicker penis.”

~ Timmy D. Los Angeles, CA

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Why are so many BlackCore Edge, Viril X and Duro Max users switching to MALEGENIX?

Maybe it’s because of this chart.
Number 1 Rated Male Performance Product Bottle of MaleGenix Male Supplements Blackcore: Natural Testosterone Enhancement Supplements Viril: Size, Stamina, Strength Pills Duro: Male Enhancement Supplements
B.A.S.E Technology Expansion Formula YES NO NO NO
Accelerated-Expansion Formula YES NO NO NO
TongKat Ali Count 300mg 0mg 0mg 90mg
TribUlus Terrestris Count 200mg 100mg 50mg 20mg
Butea Superba Count 300mg 0mg 0mg 0mg
Maca Root 100mg 0mg 0mg 0mg
L-Arginine 300mg 0mg 0mg 0mg
Clinically Tested YES NO NO NO


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