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+ Is MaleGenix EFFECTIVE?

Definitely. MaleGenix is the first and only male enhancement supplement that has been proven to increase penis size with just a daily supplement. MaleGenix has been independently tested by users and critics, and these tests only support the effectiveness of MaleGenix’s formula. MaleGenix is a pioneer in real penis enlargement formulas, and is now considered to be the new gold standard of penis enlargement pills. MaleGenix is made effective by its B.A.S.E. Formula, which stands for Biological Accelerated Sustained Expansion, which allows the formula to consistently enhance penis size for an extended period of time.


MaleGenix is one of the highest-rated male enhancement pills as it has the only formula that is clinically-tested to increase penis size. MaleGenix has been independently reviewed by no less than 20 review websites, critics, and actual customers. MaleGenix has one of the most detailed reports of actual penis enlargement results. With everything that MaleGenix brings to the table, it is safe to conclude that MaleGenix is the best male enhancement pill on the market today.

+ How long should I wait before I see results?

MaleGenix is a comprehensive male enhancement solution, and it contributes to sexual health in four ways – as a penis enlargement pill, erectogenic, an aphrodisiac, and as a stamina booster. Penis enlargement is a complex process which involves a series of changes in your body, including blood flow and hormones. To achieve results the best way possible, we recommend the daily intake of MaleGenix to maximize its impact on penis enlargement. With the daily supplementation of MaleGenix, you can expect seeing measurable results after taking MaleGenix daily for two weeks. MaleGenix also has erectogenic properties which allow it to promote erections in 40-60 minutes after taking the first dose.

+ How BIG can I get with MaleGenix?

Penis enlargement can be affected by a variety of factors, including your age, health, and lifestyle choices. While actual results may vary from person to person, you can be sure that a significant size increase is possible by simply taking MaleGenix daily. At an average, a MaleGenix user gains +2.6 inches in length in the first month of use. The penis enlargement benefit of MaleGenix peaks after 5-6 months, in which users can no longer gain size, but other benefits such as libido, and stamina can still benefit the user

+ How does MaleGenix work?

MaleGenix is powered by its B.A.S.E. Technology, which stands for Biological Accelerated Sustained Expansion. The B.A.S.E. Technology is developed from the ground up by MaleGenix to create a sustained expansion of the penile tissue through the help of biologically-accelerated nutrients. The ingredients in MaleGenix are synergized and maximized with the body’s natural processes to achieve better, more impactful results. The ingredients of MaleGenix synergize with the body’s natural process to focus blood flow to the penis allow the cavernous spaces to expand, resulting in a significantly bigger erection. The aphrodisiacs in the formula make the body more sensitive to sexual stimulus. The user gets aroused much easier, which prompts the body to trigger a systematic dilation and contraction of blood vessels to focus blood flow to the penis. This is further enhanced by erectogenic components that increase blood volume and pressure to force the elastic penile tissue to expand.


You can take MaleGenix in a variety of ways. We generally recommend users to take one serving or two capsules of MaleGenix every morning, before the first meal of the day. This would allow the formula to remain active for the rest of the day. You can also take an additional capsule of MaleGenix about 30-60 minutes before sexual activity to enhance your performance. Alternatively, you can opt to take MaleGenix as an as-needed supplement. Just take two capsules of MaleGenix 30-60 minutes before sex to take advantage of its erectogenic and libido-boosting properties.

+ Is MaleGenix SAFE?

MaleGenix’s balanced, all-natural formula makes it one of the safest male enhancement formulas ever produced. Thanks to its B.A.S.E. Technology, the formula does not require exorbitant amounts of ingredients to produce results. However, it is important to know that no supplement or drug is 100% free from side effects. If you are concerned about how MaleGenix can affect your health, please consult your doctor for a thorough medical evaluation.

+ IS MaleGenix A SCAM?

No. MaleGenix is not a scam. MaleGenix was developed by hardworking men and women who have worked countless hours in search for the best male enhancement formula. We value the trust given to us by our customers, and you have our word that we will protect the confidence and trust you’ve shown us by ensuring that you, our customers, get only the best products from us.


We greatly value the trust that our customers place in us. In order to protect our customers’ best interests, we have made discreet shipping our default method of shipping for all MaleGenix orders.


MaleGenix is exclusively sold through our official website. Please be informed that purchases made outside of our official website are not covered by our money-back guarantee because we cannot guarantee its authenticity. Products sold outside of our official website are likely to be counterfeit pills. Make sure that you only order from our official website to protect your purchase.

+ Does MALEGENIX offer a money-back guarantee?

Only the best brands in the business offer guarantees for their products. MaleGenix offers a money-back guarantee on all purchases made on our official website. In the unlikely chance that you would be unsatisfied with your purchase, you can give us a call directly and request for a full refund on your purchase. That’s a promise!